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Students and schoolchildren: "Heads Up!"


Holiday work, working students and interns: here you can take part and join in!

We offer ...
you the opportunity to take an active and varied role. As a working student or with a holiday job you can, for example, support the work of our product managers, work in production or pack or unpack with our logistic team, but take part in any case! As a student you can complete an exciting internship during the holidays in various areas of our business.

You have ...
the desire to give your full commitment, whether as an intern, student of holiday jobber. As a registered student you can assist us as a working student based on your course of study. Even if you are still at school or studying and simply want to earn some money, we can find a suitable holiday job for you. As an intern you will assist us in interesting projects that match your speciality.

Actually we look for schoolchildren and students (m/w) for the following periods: