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Three-conductor functional terminals FDLI 2.5-4

The new three-conductor functional terminals FDLI offer a wide range of functions and many different application possibilities at a width of 5.1 mm.

Solid wires and flexible wires with wire-end ferrules can be inserted into the connection mechanism without the need for tools. The maximum connection cross-section is 4 mm². The cross-connections FQI are available with 2 to 10 poles, are insulated and have a pluggable design. They cross connect up to the rated current of the relevant terminals FDLI.

- Terminal housing can be snapped on TS 35 rail
- Terminal width 5.1 mm
- Basic terminal FDLI 2.5-4 OT with many combination possibilities
   thanks to the wide range of accessories.
- PE foot makes contact with the DIN rail on both sides

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