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Mon, March 07, 2016

Thermal-transfer printer TTPCard

A system that fulfils a wide variety of marking and labelling requirements: The TTPCard thermal-transfer printer features excellent versatility, usability, speed and compact dimensions. The system has been designed for labelling facilities and electrical cabinets. It takes care of all your... Read on...


Sat, March 05, 2016

Webeasy I/O Modules

Modern buildings are becoming more and more automated and a central DDC or PLC controller is at the heart of every building system. It centralizes the flow of data and information and controls the configuration of parameters. Such a system uses I/O components for connecting up the required sensors... Read on...


Thu, November 12, 2015


In the field of industrial process engineering, a high degree of interference immunity is required of electrical equipment. This is a critical factor affecting the availability of industrial measurement and control systems. When constructing low-interference systems, both the cable shielding and... Read on...



We presenting our rapidly growing line of electrical connectivity products. CONTA-CLIP has designed new innovative products that cover all of the wire connection methods currently prevalent on the market. Double-level terminals SRKD For wire cross-sections 2.5 | 4 | 10 mm²Optional with current... Read on...


Wed, April 08, 2015


Test-disconnect terminals are mainly used for electricity generation and supply applications. They are perfect for the wide variety of switching demands in the current-transformer secondary circuits that predominate in these applications. Current transformers must always have a closed secondary... Read on...

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