Our guiding principles

In order to achieve our growth and success strategy, we depend on our employees and management. They possess a high degree of motivation, team spirit, willingness to perform, self-initiative and sense of responsibility. The Guiding Principals provide the basis for reaching our company goals. In these principles the CONTA-CLIP Team has defined the core beliefs which orient our daily activities.

Working together - four eyes are better than two

  • I inform my colleagues comprehensively and in time about issues which they are involved in
  • I keep my commitments
  • I work together with others
  • I address conflicts and resolve them cooperatively
  • I tolerate and respect the opinions of others
  • I align my actions with the mutual interests of the company and the company goals

Taking responsibility means to establish oneself

  • I take responsibility for the decisions which I make, regardless of whether they were false or correct
  • I take responsibility for my own performance
  • I take responsibility for the workflow in my work area
  • I feel responsible for compliance with the quality management system
  • I observe the company regulations for worker safety
  • I feel responsible for the social cooperation of my team
  • I feel responsibility for order and cleanliness in my work environment

Innovation and change - only those who are moving can get things moving

  • I keep up to date with innovations in my work area
  • I train myself continually, in order to keep up with the newest developments in my area
  • I constructively question habits and workflows
  • I deal in a future-oriented and clear-sighted manner

Profitability is the fruit of our achievements

  • I work in an entrepreneurial manner and focus on cost-benefit results
  • I make use of the available work and production resources in an effective and goal-oriented manner
  • I establish goal levels at work that I wish to reach
  • I monitor the effectiveness and productivity of my own work performance
  • I think about solutions instead of problems

Customer-orientation and service - CONTA-CLIP is a partner you can depend on

  • I keep my commitments
  • I keep my customers well informed
  • I realize that my job is made secure when there is a high level of customer satisfaction
  • I work for the customer's benefit and focus on the needs of my customers
  • During my work, I focus on customer and market requirements

Focus on the process - we can see well only when we look at the whole picture

  • I know and understand my work area, as well as the neighboring work areas
  • I monitor the effectiveness and correctness of my own work process
  • I am aware that my work contributes to achieving our overall company
  • I think about opportunities for improvement also in areas outside of my own

Leadership - in order to reach high goals we must create the correct work environment

  • I communicate frank and honest and inform my colleagues
  • I assign responsibility to my colleagues and establish clear and assessable goals for them
  • I lead with my exemplary behaviour
  • I lead my colleagues in a socially competent and professional manner
  • I challenge and encourage my colleagues and recognize their strengths and weaknesses

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