Welcome to the CONTA-CLIP fair special for SPS 2021

The in-person fair in Nuremberg and the digital supplement, which should take place from November 23-25, 2021, have unfortunately been canceled.

In addition to the increasing number of infections and hospitalization rates, the new 2G Plus regulation and the upper limits set for events make it impossible to carry out the SPS.

The CONTA-CLIP team would have liked to meet you at the trade fair for an exchange! Nevertheless, we would be happy to present our news, products and solutions to you digitally via our trade fair special for SPS 2021.

Our team of experts is now available to you via various channels. Please feel free to contact us, we look forward to an exchange with you.

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Inside the smartest Workflows

We design and manufacture products for a wide range of applications – for use in virtually all industrial sectors that need or create power to run facilities and machinery. CONTA-CLIP provides the best solution for many different requirements: whether it's the conventional task of connecting cables together, or the monitoring and controlling of signals and processes. Our products are distinguished by their high quality, functionality and versatility. That's why users from practically all main industries around the globe take advantage of our solutions.

Industry overview

Inverse cable entry system KDSI-SR

Fast, safe and easy as pie: The KDSI-SR cable entry!

With the new inverse and modular cable entry system KDSI-SR, CONTA-CLIP offers maximum flexibility and time savings in terms of cable management for control cabinets, housings and machines as well as the secure sealing of cables with and without plugs. The one-piece screw frame enables quick and complete assembly from the outside to the inside. The structure and the tried and tested simple assembly principle of the KDS range remain almost unchanged. The inverse versions have a mirrored geometry of the frame opening tapering and an additional two-part cover hood with TPE seals on three levels.

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KDSI-SR tutorial

We welcome new family members!

Just push!

Our compact terminal blocks in the PRK 1,5 & PRK 6 push-in connection system are now available from stock in 2-, 3- and 4-wire connection variants. Our PRK 1,5, in particular, impresses with its narrow design in tight installation spaces. The new PRK terminals are suitable for a rated cross-section of up to 1.5 mm² or 6 mm². As the perfect companion, our protective conductor terminals PSL 1,5 & PSL 6 have a clever foot design. They can simply be snapped onto top-hat rails and then contact them on both sides, making them particularly reliable.

As a further addition to the range and a new "space saver", we are presenting our new PRKD 4 and PRKD 4/3A double-level terminal blocks with the corresponding double-level protective conductor terminals PSLD 4 and PSLD 4 / 3A. They are available with two or three connections per potential. The lateral cross-connection channels on each floor offer you flexibility in the potential distribution and a simple test option is provided at any time via a 2.3 mm test opening on each floor. Clear marking is carried out on all terminals using the well-known SB and BSTR labeling systems.

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Push-in relay base PPRS

Just push!

Relay sockets PPRS in push-in connection system are available in two- and four-changer versions. The relay sockets are designed for a rated voltage of 300 V and can be fitted with relays and the associated plug-in modules/status indicators. In order to ensure the mechanical tight fit of the relay in the socket, it is possible to mount relay retaining clips.

Online catalogue PPRS 2    Online catalogue PPRS 4

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Our team of experts is now available to you via various channels. Please feel free to contact us, we look forward to an exchange with you.

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