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For the first time, live and in person at the all about automation trade fair in Zurich.
On 31 August + 01 September 2022, we will dive into the world of electrical connection technology with you. True to the motto "Chaos in the control cabinet", you will see live at the trade fair how our innovative cable management solutions create order.

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At all about automation in Zurich you can experience systems, components, software and engineering for industrial automation and industrial communication. Manufacturers, distributors and service providers network with users from the strong industrial region of Zurich and the whole of Switzerland at all about automation.

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Inside the smartest Workflows

In various sectors and in many industries! We develop and produce products for nearly all all industrial applications and markets. Whether machine and plant engineering, traffic and process engineering, clean room and renewable energies - in these industries we are a perfect partner, with extensive knowledge and background to meet or exceed your requirements as an expert in connection technology. With our know-how we can offers you a practical solution for your specific fields of application.


Fast, safe and child's play!

The inverse and modular cable entry system KDSI-SR provides maximum flexibility, enormous time savings and safe sealing of cables with and without connectors. The one-piece screw frames allow quick and complete assembly from the outside to the inside. Assembly is child's play, as the simple assembly principle of the KDS program remains virtually unchanged.


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Our space savers!

Our PRKD 4 and PRKD 4/3A of the double level terminal block family and the corresponding protective conductor terminal blocks PSLD 4 and PSLD 4/3A are characterized by high flexibility. Whether with two or even three connections per potential, the lateral cross-connection channels on each floor make the distribution of potentials child's play. Even better! The 2.3 mm wide opening makes testing possible on every floor!

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Simply push!

Compact terminal blocks in the push-in connection system: The PRK 1.5 terminal block series is convenient with its slim design and a rated cross-section from 1.5 mm² up to 6 mm² making it easy, feasible to install in narrow or space limited conditions.  Your perfect companion our PSL 1.5 & PSL 6 protective conductor terminal blocks combine our push-in connection system with the clever foot design. can be easily snapped onto top-hat rails and feed conductors through on either sides. Best of all, our PRK rail-mounted terminal blocks are reliable, durable, and time saving.

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Safe, simple and fast!

Our relay bases PPRS are characterised by the push-in connection technology. This makes installation quick and easy. 

The assembly is like a modular system, because the relay bases can be easily, safely and quickly equipped with the corresponding plug-in modules or status indicators.
And best of all: the relays are particularly safe thanks to the option of mounting a retaining bracket.

Onlinecatalog PPRS 2   Onlinecatalog PPRS 4


With the GSM module GSM-PRO2, CONTA-CLIP offers a 2G/3G and 4G telecontrol or remote maintenance solution to monitor and control decentralised systems or plants.


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