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The inverse and modular cable entry system KDSI-SR provides maximum flexibility, enormous time savings as well as safe sealing of cables with or without connectors. The one-piece screw frames allow quick and complete assembly from the outside to the inside. Assembly is very easy, as the simple assembly principle of the KDS system remains virtually unchanged.


The basic components of the modular principle:

Four basic components in the modular principle guarantee maximum flexibility, variability and diversity of variants .

  • Safe and resistant
    The two-part cover has TPE seals on three levels and guarantees IP66 protection. In addition, the tight fit of the sealing elements pressed in from the outside is guaranteed. (
  • Simple and error-free assembly
    The integrated frame seal eliminates the possibility of incorrect assembly and significantly reduces assembly time.
  • Safe and fast assembly with "feedback"
    An audible "click" confirms correct assembly of inlay and frame.
  • Highly flexible assembly
    1-fold, 2-fold, 3-fold and 4-fold sealing elements and dummy plugs offer high flexibility.
  • Best best of all: the wave cut on our sealing elements guarantees an easy-to-fit, snug-fitting sheathing of the cable.

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Simple and fast


How easy and fast our inverse cable entry is,


you can see in our video.

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