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    Versatile smart label printing system for wire, terminal and cable marking

    As one of the leading connection technology manufacturers, Conta-Clip has a labeling system on offer that meets all kinds of marking requirements: the compact and versatile thermal transfer printer TTPCardMax from the Conta-Label product range ensures excellent print quality and high resolution, suitable for all marking requirements in the electrical sector. The efficient printing system with proven thermal transfer technology quickly and reliably creates clear and durable inscriptions on labels and signs in a wide range of materials, such as PVC, PMMA, polyester, ABS or polycarbonate. TTPCardMAX thus ensures the long-lasting marking of terminal blocks, cables and wires, input and output devices, external control panels, switching modules and many other components. The printing software is tailored to the marker cards, with templates for all materials, and allows for simple and intuitive operation. The labeling system has a semi-automatic and an automatic feeder for fast processing with up to 5500 markers per hour. The low-maintenance and easy-to-use system requires little attention: the easily accessible print and feed area allows for an easy exchange of ribbon cartridges. A cleaning cartridge for automatic printer cleaning increases print quality. The easy-to-use ContaPrintMAX software for Windows operating systems allows users to edit and print labels for single, multiple or serial marking with ease. The software enables easy and fast processing of print data and has been specially developed for professional marking of machines, systems and control cabinets. (box) Smart solutions for the world of tomorrow "Inside the smartest workflows" – that is the claim to which Conta-Clip is committed: to be at the core of every smart connection, a driving force for streamlined work and more productivity – worldwide. The company develops and manufactures products for almost all industrial sectors. Whether in mechanical and plant engineering, transport and process engineering, cleanroom technology or renewable energies – the German manufacturer stands for high-quality electrical and electronic connection technology in all these industries. In addition to product development, the specialist for wiring technology and cable management invests in modern and efficient production processes according to strict ecological and sustainable criteria. Conta-Clip at the SPS trade fair Nuremberg, Germany, 14 – 16 November 2023 Hall 10, Stand 122

    Datum: 09.11.2023

    Zeichen: 1587

    Conta-Clip provides a versatile, easy-to-use label printing system for electric and electronic connection technology: TTPCardMAX


    New two-level terminals for 4-mm˛ cross sections

    The German connection technology specialist Conta-Clip introduces new space-saving two-level terminals for rated wire cross sections up to 4 mm˛. The compact PRKD 4 terminal blocks and the corresponding PSLD 4 PE terminals are available with two or three ports per level and halve the required installation space. In addition to the small footprint, both series are characterized by a large variance and particularly easy handling due to enlarged insertion channels and minimized engaging force. An integrated pusher, which can be operated with light pressure without special tools, is used to quickly disconnect wires. The terminal design and vertical wire insertion from above enable installation close to the wiring channels and thus very compact setups in the field. The high contact force of the push-in spring ensures secure fixation of the wire ends that withstands even strong vibrations and mechanical shocks. All potentials have a test tap for easy measurement. The PE terminals feature PE foot contacts on both sides. The two-level terminals made of non-toxic materials meet the UL 94 V-0 (self-extinguishing) flammability rating. Comprehensive labeling and marking options facilitate installation and servicing.

    Datum: 28.06.2023

    Zeichen: 1223

    The new PRKD 4 and PSLD 4 two-level terminal blocks and PE terminals halve the space required for wiring


    Customer-specific electronics design and manufacturing from a single source

    Conta-Clip offers comprehensive services in the design and manufacture of electronics products. From simple but effective interface converters to complex control systems with touch displays and Ethernet connection, the manufacturer has successfully completed a wide variety of projects. Customers can thus relieve their own development departments and concentrate on their core business. Conta-Clip has state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing facilities and extensive expertise from many years designing and manufacturing versatile electronics. The company develops competitive solutions including account costing and closely cooperates with the customer from needs analysis to prototype development, functional testing, series production and, if necessary, certification. Conta-Clip combines hardware and software development and production under one roof. Services include 3D PCB design, enclosure construction, software development with C | VISUAL STUDIO, etc., creation of graphical user interfaces (GUI), Android and Apple apps, PCB assembly with SMD technology and automatic and manual soldering. The services are tailored precisely to individual customer and application requirements and extend to intelligent packaging and logistics concepts, with optional warehousing and just-in-time delivery.

    Datum: 08.05.2023

    Zeichen: 1306

    Conta-Clip offers the design, development, production and qualification of customer-specific electronic products from a single source


    Conta-Clip pushes new PRK terminal blocks

    Conta-Clip expands its PRK and PSL push-in terminal series, adding various models for 10-mm² wire cross sections. The new PRK 10/2A, /3A and /4A terminal blocks and PSL 10/2A, /3A and /4A protective earth terminals feature up to four wire ports for quick and easy push-in contacting. The practical push-in connection ensures a safe, tool-free insertion of rigid wires or wires with end sleeves and significantly reduces the time spent on wiring. Wires can be quickly disconnected by pressing the integrated pusher. The PE terminals feature a foot contact on both sides to ensure maximum electrical and mechanical reliability. For flexible potential distribution, the PRK terminals provide two cross-connection options. The new terminals, which are designed for a rated voltage of 1000 V at rated currents up to 57 A, are an optimal solution for installations such as string distributors in photovoltaic systems. The PRK push-in series currently covers wire cross sections from 0.2 mm˛ to 10 mm˛, with feed-through, PE, disconnect, fused multi-tier, installation and initiator terminals. All insulating materials used are free of harmful substances and have a UL 94 V-0 (self-extinguishing) flammability rating. Conta-Clip at Hannover Messe, 17 – 21 April 2023 Hall 11, Stand C29

    Datum: 13.04.2023

    Zeichen: 1210

    PRK and PSL push-in terminals from Conta-Clip are now also available for conductor cross-sections up to 10 mm²


    KDSI-SR modular cable entry installed from the outside

    Conta-Clip introduces the new, inverse and modular KDSI-SR cable entry system for reliable sealing, maximum flexibility and time saving feed-through of cables with and without plugs. The system is designed for installation from the outside of a control cabinet, enclosure or machine where little space is available. Part of the popular KDS Click cable management range, the KDSI-SR system, too, allows for comfortable, flexible reconfiguration of existing installations at any point in time. The components can be easily removed, exchanged and reassembled to fit different numbers of cables and tubes. The clever system concept for the separable insertion of individual sealing elements facilitates customized cable management – since cables with plugs do not have to be disassembled and reconnected for retrofits or servicing, the manufacturer's warranty is retained. The KDSI-SR system is based on the proven modular design and simple assembly concept of the KDS program, using the same components. It merely features an inverse tapered design of the screw-on frame’s opening and includes an additional two-part cover with TPE seals in three levels. This ensures an absolutely tight fit of the sealing elements and thereby IP66 ingress protection and reliable static strain relief compliant with DIN EN 62444. The conically shaped sealing elements with serrated edges are available for one, two or four cables or as blind plugs. The modular cable entry system enables increased packing density compared to cable glands. The halogen- and silicone-free system is suitable for a wide range of requirements and ambient temperatures from -40 °C to 120 °C. KDSI-SR frames are available for 4, 6, 8 or 10 sealing elements in various configurations to match different conductor diameters.

    Datum: 13.04.2023

    Zeichen: 1782

    Exploded view of the KDSI-SR cable entry system with frame, sealing elements and cables

    Modular KDSI-SR cable entry in a finished control cabinet installation


    New PTKS 4/SI transformer fuse terminals with push-in connection

    The connection technology expert Conta-Clip has expanded its PTKS 4 transformer terminal series with push-in connection for easy installation, adding two transformer fuse terminals. The new models PTKS 4/SI 5x20 and PTKS 4/SI 6.3x32 receive 5x20mm and 6.3x32mm type fuses by means of screw caps. The transformer terminals for 4-mm² wire cross-sections can be mounted on the coil body or on 10 mm x 2 mm aluminum mounting rails. For quick, tool-free contacting, wires are simply pushed into the terminals' connection channels from above. A high-contact-force push-in spring ensures firm, durable fixation and contacting that withstands even severe vibrations and mechanical shocks. Wires can be quickly disconnected by pressing the integrated insulated pusher. Featuring a two-part design consisting of the base terminal with freely accessible solder hooks and a cover, the terminals can also be easily soldered onto the coil wires using automatic soldering methods. Conta-Clip offers terminal covers in various colors, e. g., for marking different voltages. The new terminal series enables test tapping at any potential. Conta-Clip's standard labeling system SB 7.5 can be used to mark the terminals.

    Datum: 13.04.2023

    Zeichen: 1200

    Transformer terminals and transformer fuse terminals with push-in connection minimize the wiring effort


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