SPS 2021 has been cancelled

Would you like to know which new products we would have presented at the SPS 2021? Then take the chance and explore our online special now!

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Inverted cable entries KDSI-SR

The inverted KDSI-SR screw frames enable a complete assembly from the outside. They extend the range of our proven KDS cable entry systems

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"We offer solutions that nobody can get past."

Read the big interview with our Head of Product Management, Jörg Nowastowski-Stock, and find out about our latest cable management products.

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Round cable entries KDS-R

Overcoming the frame split …
Round solutions for your requirements!

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Terminal blocks with Push-in connection system

The terminal blocks PRK with Push-in connections feature optimisations that existing systems do not have. Despite the high contact force of the Push-in spring, the CONTA-CLIP solution enables solid wires as well as stranded wires with wire-end ferrules to be safely terminated using less insertion force.


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Are you looking for reliable components in the field of electrical and electronic connection technology as well as cable management? Products that meet international standards, are available worldwide and at the same time meet your individual requirements?

We take care of everything in your switchgear cabinet.

Our products are divided into six categories: CONTA-CONNECT for terminal blocks and accessories, CONTA-CABLE for cable management systems, CONTA-ELECTRONICS for electrical and electronic switchgear cabinet components, CONTA-LABEL for marking systems, CONTA-BOX for housings, and CONTA-CON for PCB terminal blocks and connectors.

Connection technologies

Looking for a connection?
You've come to the right place here!


CONTA-CONNECT (Terminal blocks and accessories)

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Cable management

Clarity with less effort?
That's what our cable management systems make possible!

KDS cable management systems!



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Is everything working well?
Our solutions have made it possible!

Electrical and electronic cabinet components


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Marking systems

Do you need marking solutions?
Then we've got the right print!


CONTA-LABEL (Marking systems)

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Do you need anything special?
You'll find it in our wide range of products!

CONTA-BOX (Housings)


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PCB terminals and connectors

Do you need successful modularity?
We've got a system for that!

CONTA-CON (PCB terminals and connectors)


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Fast and individual according to your needs for your needs

Our wide-ranging product portfolio allows us to make customizations in the shortest possible time - all without lengthy product development phases.

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