Transducer modules

    Transducer modules

    Whether in manufacturing technology, in the electrical equipment of machines and plants, in control technology, in power distribution systems, in building automation or in process engineering - everywhere it is necessary to ensure the operationally reliable exchange of signals between the process periphery and the higher-level central control and supervisory systems.

    In industrial processes, standardized electrical signal variables are common. Current variables from 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA or voltage values from 0 to 10 V have become established as output or input variables of sensors or actuators for a wide variety of physical variables.

    CONTA-CLIP offers a wide range of different signal converters and designs that cover almost every conceivable application.

    Signal converter CML

    Due to the narrow design (6.2 mm), these converter modules can be integrated into a carrier rail-oriented control concept in the tightest of spaces. Regardless of whether the signals are voltage and current signals (CML-UI-UI), potentiometer signals (CML-POT-UI) or temperature signals from PT 100 sensors (CML-PT100-UI). The signal converters always provide two standardized signals 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA and 0-10 V at the output. They can be easily configured via DIP switches and also offer an externally accessible option for calibration.

    Multifunction signal converter CMS

    The CMS signal converters are designed to convert analog and frequency based signals from a field sensor into a standard signal for a controller. They are multifunctional signal converters in a compact closed housing and all common conversions are directly selectable at the device via DIP switches (current, voltage, frequency). An integrated triple galvanic isolation separates input circuit and output circuit as well as the power supply. An additional digital output, which can be used as an alarm annunciator, completes the module.

    Signal converter modules

    The signal converter modules offer a wide variety of conversion options in the familiar open latching profile for TS 35 and TS 32 mounting rails. The possible conversions include voltage and current signals (CAE/I, U) and potentiometer signals (CAE/POT).

    Program overview:

    • Analog signal converter modules without galvanic isolation CAE/I, U,
    • Analog signal converter modules with galvanic isolation CAE/.../G/230
    • Potentiometer modules CAE/POT

    Discover the CONTA-CLIP product world

    Discover the CONTA-CLIP product world

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