Terminal blocks in screw connection system SRK / SSL

    CONTA-CLIP offers an innovative program in the proven screw connection system in the smallest cross-section 0.08 mm2 to 120 mm² in the versions through and protective conductor terminals. The easy-to-use screw connection element enables safe and fast connection of rigid and flexible cores with and without ferrules. For mechanical and electrical safety, the PE foot contact on all protective conductor terminal blocks is designed to latch without screws on both sides and up to a cross-section of 35 mm². The well thought-out range of accessories significantly reduces assembly and storage costs. Potentials can be multiplied horizontally with the SQI pluggable potential distribution system. All insulating materials used in this series are free of harmful substances and meet the fire classification V-0 self-extinguishing according to UL 94.

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    Reihenklemmen Schraub Anschluss System

    Your advantages

    • Advanced rating data
    • Main conductor connection possible
    • Double cross-connection possibility up to 35 mm²
    • Feeding to smaller cross-section areas
    • Cross-connection possibility to function terminals
    • Additional connections 4 to 120 mm²
    • Extensive marking possibilities




    • Screw connection system
    • Continuity and protective conductor terminals from 2.5 to 120 mm²
    • Pluggable/screwable cross-connection system
    • High contact force and contact reliability
    • Material PA 6.6 UL 94 V-0
    • Pe foot contact on both sides

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