It is important for the trouble-free operation of operating and production systems that the different data and control signals are clearly and reliably isolated. The coupling between sensors and control system or control system and actuators is increasingly performed by optocouplers.

    In addition to the galvanic isolation of input and output circuits, the optocoupler offers special advantages compared to mechanical relay couplers. These include a high switching frequency, high repeatability, insensitivity to vibration, and a long service life.

    CONTA-CLIP offers optocouplers in various voltage and power ranges. To meet industrial applications, the modules/devices are provided with suitable input circuitry.

    Solid State Compact PSC

    Solid-State-Compact PSCs are characterized by their compact design in terminal block format. Thanks to their slim design (6.2 mm) and a switchable continuous current of 2 amperes, these solid-state devices can be integrated into a DIN rail-oriented control concept in the smallest of spaces. Thanks to their performance features, these components are predestined for automation technology for the safe galvanic isolation of circuits or for contact multiplication. The solid-state devices offer a total of eight variants in screw and tension clamp technology and the available input voltages of 24 to 60 VDC and 240 VAC. Common potentials can be made across the input or output sides via the AQI cross-connection system. For optimum equipment identification, the plug-in sockets have a mounting surface for the PMC BSTR 6/30 standard marking system. In addition to standard marking, CONTA-CLIP also offers individual customer-specific marking.

    Optocoupler modules OKI

    The OKI optocoupler modules are available with either four or eight switching channels for different input voltage types.

    The applied output voltage may be between 5 V and 48 V, and the maximum output current may be up to 100 mA. An LED is provided for each channel to indicate the current switching state. The standard maximum transmission frequency is 100 Hz, modules with higher transmission frequencies are available on request.

    Solid State Relay SSR & Socket SSOIF

    The Opto 22 solid-state relay modules are characterized by their particularly flexible handling and high current carrying capacity. They are modularly interchangeable or combinable. The modules are suitable for particularly high output currents of up to 3 A, and currents of up to 5 A may even occur for short periods, while still guaranteeing galvanic isolation from the input side.

    By simply plugging in, the optocouplers can be easily attached to the SSOIF socket system. Depending on the version, between 1 and 16 such modules can be mounted next to each other. For self-protection, the optocouplers have an integrated fuse that can simply be unscrewed and replaced. The switching status is indicated by a likewise integrated LED. The base SSOIF can be snapped onto the common mounting rail systems TS 32 and TS 35.

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    Discover the CONTA-CLIP product world

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