Function relay

    Function relay

    In the field of automation technology, small control tasks often arise. In order to realize these as simply as possible, these function relays were developed. The high flexibility and compact design of the relays allows them to be used in a wide variety of applications.

    Multifunction time relay MFR 4 | MFR 5 | MFR 7

    Instead of time modules with only one function, these modules offer a favorable possibility to realize several common time functions such as switch-on delay, switch-on wiping, switch-off wiping or pulse monitoring. They reduce storage costs, since only one device is ever needed for all applications.

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    Clock generator two-time relay MFR 6

    This function block has a flashing function that can be freely defined in terms of time. The output relay is triggered in the ratio of the two set times until the supply voltage is interrupted. Operation is selectable between pulse-starting and pause-starting.

    Undervoltage monitoring relay USR 1 | USR 2

    These function blocks can be used to implement undervoltage monitoring for AC voltage in 3-phase or 1-phase networks. They monitor the power supplies and protect motors and other loads against phase faults. Too low voltage or phase failure pose a great danger, and system malfunctions can occur.

    2 star-delta switching relay SDSR

    In the field of motor control technology, star-delta switching is a frequently used function. In order to realize this as simply as possible, these timing relays were developed. Due to their adjustable changeover time, they can be used for a wide variety of motor types.

    Voltage monitoring relay VMR 1 | VMR 3

    The voltage monitoring relays monitor three-phase networks with and without neutral conductor in the simplest way. They ensure the availability and reliability of a plant or machine by precisely recording characteristic values and thus provide permanent added value. The monitoring of phase sequence, phase failure and asymmetry is the prerequisite for operating systems such as pumps and machines safely and preventing damage in a simple and efficient way.

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