Easily configuration of the module

    Easily configuration via the setup software

    Create your own notifications

    Control inputs remotely

    Configure logical names for easy recognition

    Control outputs remotely

    Determine own unit

    Up to 1000 pulses per second

    Receive periodical messages

    The GSM-PRO2 sends notification pro-active


    Change the configuration locally

    Add easily an user or change the text message or operation mode from an in- or output in a twist


    Expand the GSM-PRO2 easily with digital inputs or outputs

    Due to the modular set up the GSM-PRO2 is easy to adjust to your desires


    Overview of the configurations


    The installer can configure the GSM-PRO2 I/O communication module easily with the free supplied setup software. The user can control the GSM-PRO2 easily via the CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT Portal/App, GSM-PRO2 App or SMS commands.

    The module sends messages to the CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT Portal/App, GSM-PRO2 App, per SMS or via e-mail. Due to the separation of the setup software and the application the user can manage the GSM-PRO2 without making any changes in the configuration.


    Universal inputs

    Depending on the source the input of the GSM-PRO2 can operate in digital or analogue mode. This gives maximum flexibility during the development process. In case of a change in signal type, an input can be easily changed from digital to analogue mode or vice versa. Give each input a clear name for easy recognition. This will be shown in all applications. For each individual input contact(s) created, you can select whomever to receive a message via per SMS, e-mail or by a phone call. In the CONTA-SUPERVISION  IoT portal and App, a message will be displayed shortly and will be moved to the event list.



    The GSM-PRO2 module has Change Over contacts which cannot only use as potential free contact, but also loaded up to 5A/230VAC per output. The output can be controlled via the CONTA-SUPERVISON IoT Portal/App, GSM-PRO2 App, SMS command or by a phone call. The GSM-PRO2 has the ability to send a confirmation message with a free configurable text. The output can be switched on/off or as a pulse output. The duration of the pulse is free configurable.


    Counter input

    Give the counter a clear name for easy recognition. Each counter can have it own units and pulses per unit. The counter counts maximum 1000 pulses per second. Furthermore a threshold value can be configured and as soon as this value is reached the GSM-PRO2 module can send a notification.


    Other messages

    The GSM-PRO2 module has a built-in power cap. In case of power down the GSM-PRO2 is able to send several messages to defined contacts to inform them about the loss of power and that monitoring is stopped. Furthermore the GSM-PRO2 module has the option to send a message as the module has restarted or when the connection is recovered again.



    If necessary, can I easily change the configuration? Yes, it’s simple. With the OTA functionality it’s possible to upload a new configuration to the GSM-PRO2 remotely. If desired it’s also possible to download the configuration via the cloud from the GSM-PRO2. Make the changes on your desk and upload the configuration again via the cloud to the GSM-PRO2 I/O communication module. The up- en download commands can be executed via the CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT portal or SMS.



    An advantage of the GSM-PRO2 system is the modular set up. When the main module has insufficient in- or outputs then it’s possible to add almost endless digital or analogue in- and outputs.

    Connect them easily together. Go to the setup software and to the tab IO en select the extension which needs to be added. Remove the cover from the extension and set the address with rotary switches. The above rotary switch is for the single digits and the lower for the double digits. Enter the same value in the setup software. Important notice! After adding the extension the module must be restarted, otherwise it will not be recognised by the main module.



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