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Flexible and reliable cable management, even under the influence of strong leverage forces.

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Case Study: Flexible cable management for packaging machines

SN Maschinenbau GmbH, world market leader for horizontally operating form, fill and seal as well as FS rotary machines, ensures the right packaging for every product with bagpackaging technology. Matching the systems to customer-specific filling goods and individual packaging design requires flexible assembly of cable routes and media lines. For reasons of easy system cleaning, SN Maschinenbau routes all cables largely within load-bearing frame parts. For this purpose, the frame construction for each machine is provided with up to 20 outlets for cable feed-throughs. The manufacturer avoids time-consuming processing steps for cable entry and exit by using variable feed-through systems with a standardised screw-on frame and replaceable sealing elements.

Reliable sealing with KDSClick

To enable problem-free pressurized water cleaning, cable entry systems with IP66 protection are used. "Unfortunately, we had to learn that not every IP66 cable entry system seals sufficiently in practice," explains Simon Goller, an electrical engineer at SN Maschinenbau GmbH. For example, water penetrated the terminal boxes of a new packaging machine under production conditions. Cable entry systems with separate frame gaskets and sealing elements proved to be weak, losing their form stability under greater leverage forces. "That's why we now equip our systems with KDSClick cable entry systems from CONTA-CLIP. Where such problems cannot occur," explains Goller.

Construction solutions from KDSClick

Conventional cable entry systems use separate frame gaskets made of sponge rubber foam, glued onto the surface before the frame is mounted. Often, even small impurities cause damage to the adhesive surface, resulting in the gasket warp under the frame. With KDSClick, on the other hand, the gasket is firmly foamed into the frame. This means that it can neither deform nor slip. In addition, there is no need for cumbersome preparatory work.

The second shortcoming of conventional systems concerns sealing elements with a straight side cut, which distort under the leverage of cables routed in a tight radius and no longer seal reliably.

For this reason, CONTA-CLIP designs the sealing elements for KDSClick with a wave-cut and inner lamellae in the feed-through channel. The wave-cut prevents the surfaces from slipping against each other, even under transverse tensile forces, so that dimensional stability is guaranteed and the formation of leaky gaps is prevented.

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Click on the respective numbers in the following illustration to discover the individual components of our cable entry system KDSClick.


KDSClick Seals

The conical shape of the seal makes it easy to press in. This also reliably seals the gaps and ensures static strain relief in accordance with DIN EN 62444. The seals are installed by pressing them from the inside outwards into the openings of the previously installed inlays. Their wave-cut profile makes them easy to install and ensures a perfect fit around the cables. There are currently over 130 different seals that can be used for sealing cables of various diameters and sizes.

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Inlays KDSClick

The click-in inlays enable needs-based dimensioning of the frame opening, corresponding to the seal being used. An audible "click" confirms a correct installation. So you can variably configure cable entries to match various requirements (for cables, lines, tubing, pneumatic and hydraulic lines).

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Foamed-in frame gasket

Made from a single mould, the one-piece frame is quick and easy to assemble. It is made of sturdy, glass-fibre reinforced plastic. The foamed seal guarantees an optimal seal with IP66 protection, even on painted or rough surfaces.

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Frame KDSClick

Made from a single mould, the one-piece frame is quick and easy to assemble. It is made of sturdy, glass-fibre reinforced plastic. The foamed seal guarantees an optimal seal with IP66 protection, even on painted or rough surfaces.

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The CONTA-CLIP cable management product portfolio

With the KDS and KES cable entry systems, CONTA-CLIP enables tool-free, IP66 or IP54 sealed entry and exit of unassembled and assembled cables and hoses. 

Our cable entry solutions enable the quick, needs-based dimensioning of openings for assembled cables without the need for tools. Our KDS cable entry systems offer IP66 protection and are designed in such a way that the diameter and the number of frame openings can be adjusted without dismantling the frame. These conceptual advantages of our cable entries mean that control cabinets or machine housings can be uniformly prepared with KDS products for different applications.

CONTA-CLIP's KES cable entry solutions ensure fast, tool-free insertion of unassembled cables or pneumatic hoses into control cabinets or enclosures. To insert the required number and diameter of cables into our round and square cable entries, the surface membrane has to be pierced with a screwdriver, and then the unassembled cables can simply be pushed through the cable entries. With our cable entry systems of the KES series, conically shaped entry grommets on the back of the panel ensure that the systems are sealed to the cable entry in accordance with IP66 and provide reliable strain relief. With up to 32 cables per panel, the cable entry solutions achieve a significantly higher packing density than conventional entry systems. Our cable entry systems of the KES-E and KES-E-R series, which are available in the variant "A" for wall thicknesses of 1.5 mm - 2.5 mm and "B" for wall thicknesses of 2.5 mm - 4.0 mm, ensure sealing according to IP54 and offer space for up to 50 (KES-E) or 35 cables (KES-E-R).

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