GSM-PRO2 - the perfect communicator

    With the GSM-PRO2 series CONTA-CLIP offers a 4G telecontrol and remote maintenance solution to monitor and control decentralized systems or plants. The GSM-PRO2(E) module informs the user when the process has reached a certain status or limit. Digital and/or analog input values are transmitted via SMS or e-mail. For a decentralized control room or for the responsible service technician there is the possibility to switch the digital relay outputs via SMS. In this way, the process can be monitored and controlled decentrally. Monitoring and control of the GSMPRO2(E) module is greatly simplified by the available iPhone and Android apps. Parameterization of the module's inputs and outputs and their desired functions is done via an easy-to-understand application.

    GSM-PRO2 communicates with the PLC

    The integrated Modbus RTU interface allows GSM-PRO2 to be connected as a slave to other controllers, e.g. a PLC. GSM-PRO2 can thus comfortably extend a PLC system with additional GSM functionality. By using predefined registers the PLC can send SMS or e-mail with GSM-PRO2 as messenger. The PLC can also be controlled with the help of the GSM-PRO2. The module then sets predefined registers to influence the PLC process (analog or digital).

    Input and output

    Both GSM-PRO2 modules are equipped with two multifunctional inputs, one relay output and one pulse counter input. The two GSM-PRO2E variants are equipped with ten multifunctional inputs, four relay outputs as well as a pulse counter input. The pulse counter input can process a maximum of 1000 pulses per second and enables, for example, the connection of a photovoltaic system or a kWh meter.

    Expansion modules

    The GSM-PRO2 modules additionally offer the possibility to extend the number of available inputs and outputs. For this up to 15 I/O extension modules in 4 different versions can be controlled per module. The control and power supply of the modules is done via the integrated connectors. The simple parameterization of the expansion modules is also carried out via the easy-to-understand application.

    OTA (Over-the-air) functions

    In many plants or machines some parameters or user entries may still change after the installation process. Through this it can happen that a change of the parameterization of the GSM-PRO2 module becomes necessary. Especially for this case, the GSM-PRO2 module offers the OTA (over-the-air) functions.

    OTA configuration
    Whether it is the new phone number of a user, a new setting of the I/Os, a change of the module name or any other change: the settings of all GSM-PRO2 modules can be adjusted worldwide comfortably and decentralized.

    OTA firmware updates
    The GSM-PRO2 module also has the possibility to perform OTA firmware updates. Even modules with different version statuses can thus always be kept up to date.

    Smartphone APP

    With the smartphone app for the GSM-PRO2 modules CONTA-CLIP offers for iPhone and Android smartphones a simple and fast solution to get the overview of each decentralized plant and application. The app offers the possibility to get the status of all inputs and outputs from one or more GSM-PRO2 modules and to influence the process. The outputs of the modules can be controlled very easily directly via the app. Via the button of the app, e.g. a heater, a motor or a water pump can be controlled intuitively.

    Web Portal Software

    SMS modules as well as GSM-PRO2 modules are often used as stand-alone units in the field. These modules are then deployed at different locations over a long distance, but usually have a very similar configuration. In many cases it is useful to have an overall view of the status of all deployed modules in the field. With the new GSM-PRO2 webbased portal software CONTA-CLIP offers this possibility. All modules in the field can now be easily monitored and operated from a single local point or control station.

    Discover the CONTA-CLIP product world

    Discover the CONTA-CLIP product world

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