Shield connection bracket

    Shield connection bracket

    Eine Vielzahl von Schirmanschlussbügeln und Zubehör von CONTA-CLIP

    Shield connection bracket

    In industrial process technology, a high level of interference immunity is required for electrical equipment. In measurement and control technology, it is a decisive factor for the availability of industrial systems. When setting up low-interference systems, the shielding of cables and the associated shield grounding are of great importance. The critical point here could be described as the point at which the cable shield is connected to the housing ground. The connection should be of low impedance and have a low inductive resistance. However, a practical, uncomplicated and fast establishment of this connection must be guaranteed. The different shielding systems SAB/SSAB from CONTA-CLIP are one of the largest portfolios on the market and offer the right solution for every application.

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    Schirmanschlussbügel 8/GWP

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