Process control and monitoring in real time

    Monitor every event with the CONTA-SUPERVISION IOT Portal

    Do you want to minimize down time?

    Than the GSM-PRO2 Modul is your solution



    The CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT Portal is the platform to manage a wide range of processes. From simple to complex, centralized to decentralized processes. With CONTA-SUPERVISION you can monitor sensors and remotely control actuators at any location, independent of the existing/internal IT infrastructure.

    With the CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT Portal iand the GSM-PRO2 I/O communication module, you can easily monitor your processes in real time. It does not matter whether centralized or decentralized. The GSM-PRO2 module works in parallel with an existing application or it is fully integrated as a new application. The GSM-PRO2 I/O communication module and our expansion modules with digital or analog inputs are read directly from the CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT portal.

    The new CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT Portal or the CONTA-SUPERVISION App can additionally monitor the GSM-PRO 2 modules in real time or send commands to the connected modules directly via the internet to switch the outputs.


    CONTA-SUPERVISION can be opened in the web browser, but is also available as an app in Google Play or Apple Store. The license cost for the IPT platform from two GSM-PRO2(E) modules is my annual fee of 99.00 EUR to buy. When using one GSM-PRO2 module, the use of the IPT platform is free of charge. We invite you to test the software. Register today!