Enviromental Statement from CONTA-CLIP Verbindungstechnik GmbH

    We accept responsibility and believe in working towards a better future!

    The principle of environmental protection is documented by our own internal quality policy, our detailed procedural instructions and the ISO 9001:2015. Our goal is to protect the environment and prevent environmental damage in keeping with social and economic needs.



    The CONTA-CLIP reputation stands for products manufactured in Germany that will have a long use into the future. The long lifespan of our products, however, is not only in our own self-interest.We envision economic sustainability as healthy growth together with financial fortitude and consistent company re-investment.

    We support social sustainability with our stable team of managers, minimal employee turnover and a strong orientation towards and responsibility for our workers. Not only have our durable products helped to support environmental sustainability. We also keep sustainability in mind along the complete value-added chain, whether in our selection of production materials or in our company-wide energy conservation efforts. In all our actions, we strive to make the world a better place for future generations.

    Practically all CONTA-CLIP employees live near their workplace in East Westphalia, Germany. That may not be the centre of the universe but it is the birthplace of our industry. Our location also keeps us committed to the optimal German framework for supporting environmental protection.

    Business contribution

    Germany has been a driving force in the international campaigns for global warming and environmental protection. The government has enacted some of the most progressive regulations for reducing air and water pollution and CO2 output. We support our employees and also expect them to show environmental awareness in their daily activities. Further details about the CONTA-CLIP contribution:

    • Regenerative heat recovery
    • Lighting controls with daylight sensors and motion detectors
    • Temperature controllers
    • We are a DHL Go-Green European partner - supporting CO2-neutral deliveries (Diploma 2010) + Certificate 2011 + Certificate 2012
    • We use high-quality reflectors in order to reduce the amount of fluorescent lighting material needed
    • The installation of skylights in our production and assembly halls helps to reduce our dependency on artificial lighting
    • Our packaging and filler materials are made from multi-use or recyclable materials
    • We use recyclable materials to the fullest extent possible
    • We use products certified with the "Blue Angel" environmental seal
    • Our building and roofs are insulated above and beyond standard levelsServo-controlled compressors
    • Reach-compliant
    • RoHS-compliant

    Enviromental Statement of the Conta-Clip Verbindungstechnik GmbH

    Manufacturer information on the disposal of electrical and electronic devices for commercial users in accordance with § 19a ElektroG3

    The Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) contains a large number of requirements for handling electrical and electronic equipment. The most important are listed here.

    1. Separate collection of old devices
    Electrical and electronic equipment that has become waste is known as old equipment. Owners of old devices must collect them separately from unsorted municipal waste. Old devices do not belong in the household waste, but in special collection and return systems.

    2. Batteries and rechargeable batteries as well as lamps
    Owners of old devices have to separate old batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed by the old device, as well as lamps that can be removed from the old device non-destructively, from the old device before handing them in at a collection point. This does not apply if old devices are prepared for reuse with the participation of a public waste disposal company.

    3. Options for returning old devices
    In order to create the possibility of returning old devices, we work together with several qualified recycling companies. If a device manufactured by us has become an old device and you would like to return it, please contact:
    and fill out the questionnaire.

    4. Data protection notice
    Old devices often contain sensitive personal data. This applies in particular to information and telecommunications equipment such as computers and smartphones. In your own interest, please note that each end user is responsible for deleting the data on the old devices to be disposed of.

    5. Meaning of the symbol "crossed out garbage can"
    The symbol of a crossed-out garbage can regularly depicted on electrical and electronic devices indicates that the device in question must be collected separately from unsorted municipal waste at the end of its service life.

    6. Manufacturer registration number
    As a manufacturer within the meaning of the ElektroG, we are registered with the responsible foundation for waste electrical and electronic equipment (Benno-Strauss-Str. 1, 90763 Fürth) under the following registration number: DE62448959