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Our product range: CONTA-CONNECT for terminal blocks and accessories, KDS cable management systems, CONTA-ELECTRONICS for electrical and electronic switchgear cabinet components, CONTA-LABEL for marking systems, CONTA-BOX for housings, and CONTA-CON for PCB terminal blocks and connectors. We design customer-specific solutions for electronics, provide completely assembled housings and assemblies as needed, assemble terminal blocks for series production, and quickly handle component labelling tasks.



Cable Entry System KDS-R

For metric break-outs from M20 to M63, CONTA-CLIP has added round cable entries for cables with or without attached plugs to its portfolio.

 Product Information (PDF)

Push-in connection system | Catalog 01

Our wide range of innovative PRK and FRK terminal blocks with the Push-in connection system include feed-through terminals, PE terminals, disconnect terminals, fused terminals, multi-level terminals, installation terminals and initiator terminals, for conductor cross-sections from 0.2 mm² to 25 mm².

Catalog 01 (PDF)

KDSClick service box

The KDSClick service box is perfect for installation or maintenance jobs, but also with new developments it could be very useful to have a box with a wide variety of seals and inlays available within reach. 

Data sheet (PDF)

Terminal blocks with tension-spring connection | Catalog 03

Our versatile line of terminals with tension spring connections for conductor cross-sections from 0.2 mm² to 16 mm² includes: the ZRK/ZSL series of feedthrough and PE terminals, the double-level ZRKD/ZSLD, the ZIKD three-level termina lblocks, motor-connection terminals, (blade-) disconnect terminals, fused terminals, direct-mount terminals, and initiator/actuator terminals for transmitting positioning, encoder and alert signals.

Catalog 03 (PDF)

Motor-connection terminals PVMAK

The PVMAK 2.5 has a width of only 5 mm. It has four levels with seven connection points and can handle solid or stranded wires up to 2.5 mm² with a rated current up to 22  amps.

Online catalog (PVMAK)


Three-level terminal blocks PIKD

The PIKD 2.5 terminal blocks have a width of only 5 mm and are available in a variety of designs. They have three levels with six connection points and can handle solid or  lexible wires up to 2.5 mm² with a rated current up to 22 amps.

Online catalog (PIKD)

Double-level terminal blocks PRKD 2.5

With a width of just 5 mm, the new PRKD 2.5 series is available in 5 versions and connects with stranded or solid wires up to 4 mm² with a rated current of up to 22 amps. 

Online catalog (PRKD)


Transformer terminals TKS 16/2

The transformer terminals TKS 16/2 are available as 2-pole block versions in the standard colors orange and gray.

Data sheet (PDF)

The completely different product overview

We take care of everything in the electrical cabinet. Users of connection systems have come to rely on CONTA-CLIP‘s broad portfolio of products.

Product Overview (PDF)

KDS-FB Cable entry system for flat cables

Fast. Safe. Turning cables inside out! The KDS-FB cable entry system for flat cables especially for forklifts, crane systems and elevator applications.

KDS-FB (Video) Catalog (PDF)

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