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    In addition to our online product catalog, we provide you with our product portfolio in ten clearly structured sub-catalogs. You can download these in addition to product overviews and supplementary product information here as a PDF file.

    To ease up handling our download area, we use "accordion elements" and "selection elements". For download, for example, a catalog, you have to click on the "accordion element" catalogs. In the now opening element, you have to select one of our six different product fields in the element's header. When you have chosen one of the product fields, the respective and downloadable catalog/s will appear.

    Suppose you are interested in our products' operating and installation instructions as well as in the products' software. In that case, you have to visit the respective product page in our online catalog to download those information.

    If you would like to order a catalog in a printed form or if you have further questions to our products, please use our inquiry form.

    Catalogs || Product Information

    CONTA-CONNECT (Terminal blocks and accessories)
    CONTA-LABEL (Marking systems)
    CONTA-BOX (Housings)
    CONTA-CABLE (Cable management systems)
    CONTA-ELECTRONICS (Electrical and electronic cabinet components)
    CONTA-CON (PCB terminals and connectors)
    Catalog 07 Housings
    EN 10/13/2020 PDF 5 MB
    Product Information
    CONTA-CONNECT (Terminal blocks)
    CONTA-CABLE (Cable management systems)
    CONTA-ELECTRONICS (Electrical and electronic cabinet components)
    CONTA-LABEL (Marking systems)

    Software || Manuals

    GSM-PRO Software
    GSM-PRO Manuals
    Firmware V2.11
    08/23/2021 ZIP 137 KB
    Software V2.0.4
    08/23/2021 ZIP 47 MB
    07/12/2022 APK 9 MB
    Quick start
    08/23/2021 PDF 78 KB
    Manual Portal
    08/23/2021 PDF 808 KB
    08/23/2021 PDF 9 MB
    GSM-PRO2 Software
    GSM-PRO2 Manual
    Software V4.11.722.1
    07/12/2022 ZIP 39 MB
    Firmware V4.13.1122.25
    11/11/2022 ZIP 255 KB
    06/15/2023 APK 3 MB
    01/21/2022 PDF 3 MB
    GSM-TMM Software
    Software V1.0.122.52
    01/24/2022 ZIP 3 MB
    TTPCard Software
    TTPCard Manuals
    Manual TTPCard
    08/24/2021 PDF 873 KB
    Manual CONTASignPRO
    08/24/2021 PDF 6 MB
    EMS Software
    EMS Manuals
    Software CONTA-Sign 5.2
    10/24/2022 ZIP 24 MB
    Software CONTA-Sign 4.3
    08/24/2021 ZIP 21 MB
    08/24/2021 ZIP 1 MB
    08/24/2021 ZIP 4 MB
    Manual EMS-3 engraver
    08/24/2021 PDF 2 MB
    Manual CONTASign 5.2.1
    08/24/2021 PDF 5 MB
    Manual EMS-3eco
    08/24/2021 PDF 4 MB
    Manual EMS-3
    08/24/2021 PDF 4 MB

    Product overview

    Product overview
    Product overview
    CONTA-CLIP Highlights 2023
    04/12/2023 PDF 2 MB
    Product overview
    ES 03/30/2021 PDF 3 MB
    Product overview
    RU 03/30/2021 PDF 3 MB
    Product overview
    CN 03/30/2021 PDF 2 MB

    Image brochure

    Image brochure
    Image brochure