Transfer modules

    Transfer modules

    Transfer modules enable passive mechanical-electrical conversion of standardized connectors to screw or tension clamp PCB terminals. The individual signals of the multi-pole/high-pole connectors are converted one-to-one via the board - from individual wiring via connectors to pre-assembled cables. This reduces assembly time and the associated costs.

    Because of the compact format of the transfer modules, the unique terminal point designation and the ease of mounting on TS 32 and TS 35 mounting rails, this system represents an interesting alternative to pure individual wiring.

    RJ 45 (Ethernet) and USB modules

    RJ 45 and USB modules convert the standardized RJ 45 Ethernet and USB connectors of bus systems, computer modules, laptops or modems to screw terminal blocks. They can be mounted on the TS 35 mounting rail via the compact RS-SP0 profile.

    SD modules for D-SUB

    With SD modules, signal lines with pin headers (male) or socket headers (female) according to IEC 807-2/DIN 41652 can be converted to screw or tension clamp PCB terminals. The transfer modules are equipped with the respective mating parts and are available with 9 to 37 poles. The SD-LA modules also feature status indicators with LEDs.

    FBK (ribbon cable) modules

    The FBK modules enable the conversion of pre-assembled cables with connectors in the numbers of poles 10 to 64 according to IEC 603-1/DIN 41651 to screw or spring-cage terminal blocks.

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    OE modules for EDAC connectors

    Transfer modules OE convert the hermaphroditic 516 series EDAC multi-pole connector to screw connection, which has high shock and vibration resistance. The angled connector arrangement eliminates interference with neighboring modules. The EDAC connector is compatible with ELCO's 8016 connector series.


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