Relay socket PPRS in push-in connection system

    Relay socket PPRS in push-in connection system

    Relay socket PPRS

    PPRS relay sockets in the push-in connection system are available in two-changer and four-changer versions. The relay sockets are designed for a rated voltage of 300 V and can be equipped with relays and the associated plug-in modules/status indicators. In order to ensure the mechanical tight fit of the relay in the socket, there is the possibility to mount relay retaining clips.

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    • Comfortable, tool-free push-in connection
    • Socket for relays with 1-, 2- or 4-changers
    • One test tap per connection
    • Easy mounting of the markers in the retaining bracket
    • Pluggable cross-connections
    • Simple mounting on DIN mounting rail TS 35, or direct mounting

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    Discover the CONTA-CLIP product world

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