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    CONTA-ELECTRONICS: Electrical and electronic control cabinet components

    Our CONTA-ELECTRONICS products provide active and passive components for the transfer and conversion of analogue and digital signals at the coupling level. This product line includes power supplies, multi-function timing relays, coupling relays, digital switching modules, interface modules, opto-couplers, signal converters, GSM communication modules and much more. 

    GSM-PRO2 - the perfect communicator

    With the communication module GSM-PRO2 CONTA-CLIP offers a 2G/3G and 4G remote control solution to monitor and control decentralized systems or plants. With the new CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT Portal for GSM-PRO2 4G modules it is possible to manage a variety of simple to complex and centralized to decentralized processes.


    GSM Modul - Fernwirklösung - Fernwartungslösung


    Relay PPRS with Push-in-System
    Our PPRS relay bases with push-in connection system are available in versions for two- and four-changeover relays. The bases are designed for a rated voltage of 300 V and can be equipped with relays and the associated plug-in modules and status displays. In order to ensure the vibration safety of the relay, it is possible to mount a retaining bracket. The pluggable external cross-connectors and doubled connection elements enable simple potential distribution.

    PPRS Data sheet

    Relay systems

    Relay technology continues to play a large role in the reliability of industrial control and automation solutions. Because of their thin design, relay couplers are suitable for use in rail-oriented control designs. CONTA-CLIP relay couplers have features which make them perfect for use in secure electrical isolation of circuits or for the multiplication of contacts. Whether for manufacturing, electrical machine and plant instrumentation, control engineering, building automation, or process engineering – it is always important to guarantee that the signal exchange between the peripheral devices and the upper-level central control and instrumentation systems remains potential-free and operationally safe. 

    Online catalog (IRC)


    Converter Units

    There are standardized electrical signal strengths which are typical for industrial processes. Current levels from 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA, or voltage levels from 0 to 10 V have become established as the standard output or input levels of sensors or actuators of varying physical sizes. CONTA-CLIP offers a wide variety of different signal converters and different designs. These cover most conceivable applications. 


    Functional relays

    Automation engineering applications often call for small control tasks. These new functional relays were developed in order to accomplish such tasks as simply as possible. The small size and great flexibility of these relays allows them to be used in many different applications.


    Opto-couplers | Solid State

    CONTA-CLIP offers opto-couplers in a variety of voltages and power ranges. These modules and units are provided with the appropriate protective input circuitry so that they are suited for industrial applications. 



    DC Power Supplies

    CONTA-CLIP offers many different components: smoothed or un-smoothed transformers, unstabilized or stabilized mains power supplies, and also primary clocked power supplies.  




    Interface modules

    Interface modules allow for a passive mechanical-electrical implementation of standard connectors onto screw or tension-spring PCB terminals. The individual signals of the multi-pole or high-pole connectors are implemented one to- one to the PCB – from the individual wire via connectors to pre-assembled cables. Thus the assembly time and  associated costs are reduced. Because of the compact design of the interface modules, their clear terminal labelling, and their simple assembly on TS 32 or TS 35 rails, this  system represents an attractive alternative to a pure individual wire approach. 

    RJ / SD


    Fuse, component, diode and indicator modules

    In the passive electronics sector, CONTA-CLIP offers a large variety of module types which support fast, secure, and compact functionality. These modules can be mounted with  their combi-base on either the TS 32 or TS 35 DIN rails. They feature a screw PCB terminal connection with a rated cross-section of 2.5 mm². Customer-specific descriptions can be attached using the standard PMC Pocket-Maxicard Quick marking system. The PMCs fit on labelling channels located on both sides of the orange-coloured fitting rough. 

    SM / DSM / DM


    CONTA-PROTECT overvoltage protection

    CONTA-CLIP protection components meet VDE and IEC requirements, and sometimes go beyond them. New solutions from CONTA-CLIP offer many advantages for our users.

    CP / IF



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