Transformer Terminals PTKS 4 & PTKS 4/SI

    With attention to detail, we work on innovations every day to offer you the best connection technology for your transformers: Our new PTKS 4 transformer terminals with push-in connection technology make wiring your transformers easier and faster than ever before, completely without tools.

    There are numerous convincing advantages to our PTKS 4: With their particularly easy handling and time-saving assembly, they contribute significantly to increasing efficiency and safety. The cross-connectable PTKS 4 transformer terminals are intended to be directly mounted to a coil body with the integrated receptacles. They can also be mounted on aluminium 10 x 2mm DIN rails. They are used for converting coil ends to push-in connections, for connecting to the device being powered or to parts of the facility.

    The push-in terminal can be easily connected with a wire from above. Making a connection takes only seconds. The connection of adjacent terminals is just as quick and convenient with pluggable, insulated PQI 4/x/PTKS cross-connectors. The connection of solid conductors and conductors with and without wire-end ferrules is guaranteed and only the orange pusher has to be pressed to remove the wire.


    The PTKS 4/SI 5 x 20 and PTKS 4/SI 6.3 x 32 transformer fused terminals can have a corresponding 5 x 20 mm or 6.3 x 32 mm micro-fuse inserted into them through the proven screw cap. Not only do you gain a great time advantage during the wiring process, but the push-in terminals are also particularly safe and can be used under adverse conditions, such as when subjected to shock and vibration, the conductors will not come loose. Furthermore, our push-in terminals can withstand stresses caused by shock and vibration, while guaranteeing permanent contact.


    • Innovation in the field of transformer terminals
    • Push-in connection
    • Less insertion force
    • Time saving when contacting the wires
    • Wire insertion requires no tools
    • Built-in insulated pusher for disconnecting the wire
    • Test pick-off at each potential
    • Reduced inventory due to modular design
    • Different voltages can be identified by different coloured hoods
    • Marking via pad printing or laser marking possible
    • Free accessibility of the soldering point (also in quality control)
    • Subsequent insertion of cross-connectors (star-delta)
    • Wave soldering, robotics and hand soldering possible

    Design of the Terminal

    The PTKS 4 consists of a separate terminal body and a snap-on protective hood. The subsequent attachment of the hoods makes the soldering hooks freely accessible, the coil wires can be soldered on in a convenient and time-saving manner. The basic terminals are available in 1-pole and 2-pole, the protective hoods are ordered separately in 2-pole and 3-pole. The modular design leads to a very high flexibility with very low inventory.

    Protective Hoods

    The terminals have been specifically designed to couple with the protective hoods, allowing for the soldering of hooks to be freely accessible at all times during the production process. This makes it possible to use the PTKS 4/x in various manufacturing processes such as; wave soldering, robotics and hand soldering. The separately orderable 2- and 3-pole PTKS-ADH 4/x protective hoods are available in different colours. This way, different voltages or windings can be marked easily and quickly.

    Modular design for even numbers of poles

    When requiring even number of poles on the transformer, the use of 2-pole terminals along with 2-pole protective hoods are needed.

    Modular design for odd numbers of poles

    When requiring odd number of poles on the transformer, the use of 1-pole and 2-pole terminals along with 2-pole and 3-pole hoods are needed.

    Additional Accessories

    The insulated and pluggable PQI 4/x/PTKS cross-connectors enable quick and convenient distribution of potentials and are available in 2-, 3- and 5-pole versions. Potential connections can be multiplied quickly, safely and cost-effectively using the cross-connectors. The transformer terminals can be labelled or marked as usual using the PMC SB 7.5 snap on markers. In addition, direct laser marking is possible.

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