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    Customer-specific electronics design and manufacturing from a single source

    Conta-Clip offers comprehensive services in the design and manufacture of electronics products. From simple but effective interface converters to complex control systems with touch displays and Ethernet connection, the manufacturer has successfully completed a wide variety of projects. Customers can thus relieve their own development departments and concentrate on their core business. Conta-Clip has state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing facilities and extensive expertise from many years designing and manufacturing versatile electronics. The company develops competitive solutions including account costing and closely cooperates with the customer from needs analysis to prototype development, functional testing, series production and, if necessary, certification. Conta-Clip combines hardware and software development and production under one roof. Services include 3D PCB design, enclosure construction, software development with C | VISUAL STUDIO, etc., creation of graphical user interfaces (GUI), Android and Apple apps, PCB assembly with SMD technology and automatic and manual soldering. The services are tailored precisely to individual customer and application requirements and extend to intelligent packaging and logistics concepts, with optional warehousing and just-in-time delivery.

    Datum: 13.04.2023

    Zeichen: 1306

    Conta-Clip offers the design, development, production and qualification of customer-specific electronic products from a single source


    CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT portal for remote monitoring and control via web and app

    Conta-Clip has introduced the new IoT portal CONTA-SUPERVISION to complement its solutions for remote monitoring and control of processes and plants. Users can now access process data in real time and control GSM-PRO2 4G communication modules via a web browser or app. The solution works independently of existing IT infrastructures and also in remote places. Data from sensors is continuously updated and critical states are reported with push messages. The execution of control commands is confirmed separately. Users gain direct, clear insight into critical processes and can minimize downtime. The system can be modularly expanded and also displays data from interface extensions to the communication modules. The GSM-PRO2 modules are used in various applications from complex factory automation systems to remote facilities without network connection. They use 4G, 3G and 2G frequency bands from any provider with a contract or prepaid SIM card and, in addition to monitoring via the CONTA-SUPERVISION portal, can also send information and alarms via text message. Conta-Clip offers free-of-charge operation of up to two GSM-PRO2 modules via the IoT portal. More information:

    Datum: 13.04.2023

    Zeichen: 1162

    The CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT portal offers real-time access to process data from 4G modules independently of existing IT networks and allows their remote control


    CONTA-CLIP grows

    CONTA-CLIP is tipped for success. In the last two years, the manufacturer of electrical and electronic connection technology has increased its sales by more than 50 %. In 2022 alone, the company enlarged its workforce at its German headquarters by 36 %. This process is accompanied by the largest investments in the company’s history. CONTA-CLIP is continuously developing new, inventive solutions for cable management and control cabinet wiring with many advantages for users. The innovation potential is reflected in a large number of filed patents. Only recently, CONTA-CLIP announced the worldwide launch of new, particularly easy-to-install transformer terminals with push-in connection for fast, tool-free wiring. An important new business unit is wireless networking, visualization and remote control of industrial processes. Joerg Nowastowski-Stock, Managing Director Marketing/Sales at CONTA-CLIP, says: “CONTA-CLIP is increasingly developing from a supplier of components to a design and production partner for OEMs, whom we support with EMS and E˛MS (Electronic [Engineering and] Manufacturing Services). We are anticipating double-digit percentage growth again this year.” The family-run company caters to a global market and is at the same time strongly rooted in its region. Bianca Klass, Managing Partner, says: “The ‘Made in Germany’ label continues to earn us great recognition among our customers worldwide. We are pleased that we are also perceived as an attractive employer with a good working atmosphere, short decision-making processes also due to flat hierarchies and good career opportunities for committed employees.” After the addition of a new plant at its headquarters in 2020, CONTA-CLIP is already nearing full capacity again. As new production areas are being planned, automated production methods and the overarching concern for sustainability will continue to play an important role in the company’s future development.

    Datum: 12.04.2023

    Zeichen: 1949

    CONTA-CLIP supplies customers worldwide with connection technology for efficient, comfortable installation from its headquarters in Hoevelhof, Germany


    Comfortable and safe ferrule crimping

    The new, easy-to-use 360° crimp tools from Conta-Clip provide precise and safe crimping of wire-end ferrules according to DIN 46228 up to 16 mm˛ conductor cross-section. The PZD 16/R and PZU 16/R crimping pliers are supplied with a square or trapezoidal crimp insert, respectively. The inserts can be exchanged quickly without tools, and above all, they can be adjusted by 360° in 45° increments. This allows users to adapt them to their preferred posture and work comfortably even in hard-to-reach places. One tool is sufficient for ferrules with and without insulating collars, up to 18 mm in length, with cross-sections from 0.08 mm˛ to 16.0 mm˛ and also for twin sleeves from 2 x 0.25 mm˛ to 2 x 10.0 mm˛. The crimp is automatically adapted to the conductor cross-section. The crimp tools are durable, ergonomic and designed for fatigue-free work: they are compact, lightweight, handy and self-opening via an internal spring. They have soft handles with molded slip protection. Crimping requires minimal effort. An unlockable forced lock ensures work safety. The crimp tools are made of high-strength special steel, with a special coating for the most stressed parts. Product pages: (PZU 16/R with trapezoidal crimp insert); (PZD 16/R with square crimp insert) Conta-Clip at Hannover Messe, 17 – 21 April 2023 Hall 11, Stand C29

    Datum: 03.04.2023

    Zeichen: 1171

    The new crimp tools are easy to handle and can be adjusted by 360° depending on preference or available space


    New PTKS 4 transformer terminals with time-saving push-in connection

    The connection technology expert CONTA-CLIP has introduced a new series of particularly easy-to-install terminal blocks with innovative push-in wire connection for fast, tool-free wiring of transformers. The PTKS 4 transformer terminals for 4-mm˛ cable cross-sections are suitable both for direct mounting on the coil body and for snapping onto 10 mm x 2 mm aluminum mounting rails. Wires are pushed into the terminals' connection channels from above for easy contacting with no further wiring effort. The high contact force of the spring ensures secure, durable fixation and contacting that withstands even severe vibrations and mechanical shocks. Wires are disconnected in seconds by pressing the built-in, insulated pusher. Featuring a two-part construction consisting of the base terminal with freely accessible solder hooks and a cover, the PTKS 4 terminals can also be easily soldered onto the coil wires using automatic soldering methods. CONTA-CLIP offers terminal covers in various colors, e. g., for marking different voltages. The new terminal series enables test tapping at any potential. The program includes the PQI 4/x/PTKS series of pluggable, isolated cross connectors with 2, 3 and 5 poles for potential distribution. In future, the manufacturer will complete the new product segment by adding PTKS 4/SI 5x20 and PTKS 4/SI 6.3x32 transformer fuse terminals for contacting the corresponding fine fuses in 5 mm x 20 mm or 6.3 mm x 32 mm formats. CONTA-CLIP's SB 7,5 standard marking system is available for marking the terminals.

    Datum: 22.11.2022

    Zeichen: 1545

    The newly developed PTKS 4 transformer terminals with push-in connection minimize the wiring effort


    Adels-Contact and CONTA-CLIP establish strategic partnership

    The connection technology expert CONTA-CLIP has entered into a partnership with Adels-Contact Elektrotechnische Fabrik for strategic development of transformer terminals. "Our cooperation in this competitive and very much in demand product segment taps the existing synergy potential and effectively concentrates both our companies' know-how in product development and production," says Andre Rumpff, Managing Partner at Adels-Contact. "For two companies working in the field of electrical engineering, facing the same challenges, with similar company structures and based in the same geographic region in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the partnership we have formed offers us a forward-looking way to serve customer demand even better and to strengthen our market position," says Jörg Nowastowski-Stock, Managing Director Sales/Marketing at CONTA-CLIP GmbH. CONTA-CLIP is a leader in the cable management market and offers a complete range of terminal blocks with all connection types for all applications, including future markets such as electric charging infrastructure, solar or wind power. Adels-Contact is a manufacturer of connection terminals and plug connectors for building technology and the lighting and electrical industries, specializing in application solutions for versatile, sustainable electrical installation and energy-efficient devices and lighting.

    Datum: 08.11.2022

    Zeichen: 1372

    J. Nowastowski-Stock (CC Managing Director Sales/Marketing), M. Dusartz (AC Sales Manager), B. Klass (CC Managing Partner), A. Rumpff (AC Managing Partner), R. Begemann (CC Product Manager; left to right)


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