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    New PTKS 4 transformer terminals with time-saving push-in connection

    The connection technology expert CONTA-CLIP has introduced a new series of particularly easy-to-install terminal blocks with innovative push-in wire connection for fast, tool-free wiring of transformers. The PTKS 4 transformer terminals for 4-mm² cable cross-sections are suitable both for direct mounting on the coil body and for snapping onto 10 mm x 2 mm aluminum mounting rails. Wires are pushed into the terminals' connection channels from above for easy contacting with no further wiring effort. The high contact force of the spring ensures secure, durable fixation and contacting that withstands even severe vibrations and mechanical shocks. Wires are disconnected in seconds by pressing the built-in, insulated pusher. Featuring a two-part construction consisting of the base terminal with freely accessible solder hooks and a cover, the PTKS 4 terminals can also be easily soldered onto the coil wires using automatic soldering methods. CONTA-CLIP offers terminal covers in various colors, e. g., for marking different voltages. The new terminal series enables test tapping at any potential. The program includes the PQI 4/x/PTKS series of pluggable, isolated cross connectors with 2, 3 and 5 poles for potential distribution. In future, the manufacturer will complete the new product segment by adding PTKS 4/SI 5x20 and PTKS 4/SI 6.3x32 transformer fuse terminals for contacting the corresponding fine fuses in 5 mm x 20 mm or 6.3 mm x 32 mm formats. CONTA-CLIP's SB 7,5 standard marking system is available for marking the terminals.

    Datum: 07.11.2022

    Zeichen: 1545

    The newly developed PTKS 4 transformer terminals with push-in connection minimize the wiring effort


    High-power stud terminals for safe energy transmission

    CONTA-CLIP’s HSKG stud terminals ensure secure connections for all energy-transmitting applications. The lineup comprises five terminal sizes for wire cross sections from 35 mm² to 300 mm². HSKG terminals can be installed as required on standard TS 35 DIN rails in accordance with EN 60715. They are suited for rated currents from 125 A to 520 A at rated voltages up to 1000 V. The terminals feature M6, M8, M10, M12, or M16 threaded studs, depending on the wire cross section. Conductors are applied to the studs with crimped cable lugs and then securely connected to the busbar with hex nuts. Each stud can hold two cable lugs. Combination one-piece washer and hex locknuts provide superior safety via conical spring force, contact strength, vibration resistance and maintenance-free connections ultimately eliminating retightening. A low voltage drop and self-extinguishing material with a V0 (UL94) flammability rating ensure maximum safety. Cross-connection rails for potential distribution are available as two or three-pole versions. Additionally, CONTA-CLIP provides accessories that facilitate installation and further safety features, for example ADH hinged covers with touch protection even while inserting a test probe and variable colors for identification. The ADH cover is easy to mount – it simply snaps into the side walls of the stud terminal as it is closed. ES 35/K/ST end stops grip both sides of the DIN rail with steel clamps, ensuring steady support for the terminal block construction. For optimal equipment identification, the stud terminals can be labeled with the CONTA-CLIP Pocket-Maxicard PMC marking system.

    Datum: 13.10.2022

    Zeichen: 1638

    CONTA-CLIP supplies HSKG high-power stud terminals for wire cross sections from 35 mm² to 300 mm²


    Complete terminal block range with all wire connection options

    CONTA-CLIP, a specialist in connection technology and one of Europe’s leading terminal block manufacturers, offers a range of terminals that is unique on the market in terms of comprehensiveness and advanced design. The highly differentiated lineup provides wiring and connection solutions for every requirement and includes several terminal series with all connection types: screw, bolt-on, tension spring and push-in connection. The SRK series features screw-connection terminal blocks in single and double-tier versions for wire cross sections from 0.08 mm² to 240 mm², including protective conductor terminals and various functional variants for fuse, test and measurement purposes. HSKG-type high-current bolt-on terminals are designed for energy transmission applications over 296 A. They provide current-carrying capacities of up to 520 A and rated voltages of up to 1000 V. HSKG terminals are available with combination washer and hex-nut bolt sizes between M6 and M16 for wires from 2.5 mm² to 300 mm². Hinged contact covers and terminal feet that grip the mounting rail from both sides ensure high safety and a secure hold. The terminal range with tension spring connection for wire cross sections from 0.2 mm² to 16 mm² comprises ZRK/ZSL feed-through and PE terminals in single and double-tier versions, ZIKD three-tier terminals as well as motor-connection, disconnect, fused, direct-mount and initiator/actuator terminals for position, encoder and alert signaling. For particularly time-saving and convenient wiring via push-in connection, CONTA-CLIP offers the FRK series as well as the new PRK series, which is currently one of the most advanced push-in terminal series on the market. The PRK series provides large diversity and particularly easy handling due to enlarged insertion channels, minimized engaging forces and integrated pushers. PRK terminals extremely space-saving due to their tall design with vertical wire insertion from above, which allows installation at a minimum distance to the wiring channels and thus very compact installations. The PRK and FRK push-in series are currently available for conductor cross sections from 0.2 mm² to 25 mm², with feed-through, PE, disconnect, fused multi-tier, installation and initiator terminals. “Our terminal block portfolio for all relevant connection options is designed for broad compatibility, so it meets all technical and individual requirements of our customers,” says Jörg Nowastowski-Stock, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at CONTA-CLIP. “Each connection type offers specific application-related advantages. In addition, our portfolio also takes into account differing preferences from user to user. Thus, we cover all needs, so our customers will find any connection solutions they are looking for.”

    Datum: 21.09.2022

    Zeichen: 2785

    The proven CONTA-CLIP terminal block range features all wire connection types: screw, bolt-on, tension spring and push-in connection


    Proven connection technology for electric vehicle charging stations

    The booming electric vehicle sector has created a huge surge in the demand for charging stations. As a result, the number of suppliers who need reliable connection technology for their products has multiplied within a few years. CONTA-CLIP supplies manufacturers of wallboxes and other charging stations with a large range of connection terminals for communication and power supplies, as well as relay modules and robust cable management systems. Solutions include, for example, the SRK terminal block series, which offers safe and quick screw connection for rigid and flexible wires with and without wire-end ferrules. HSKG-series high-current bolt terminals are used for the safe transmission of rated currents and voltages up to 520 A and 1000 V respectively. The latest generation of bolt terminals with threaded bolts in five sizes from M6 to M16 covers wire cross sections from 6 mm˛ to 300 mm˛. Based in Germany, CONTA-CLIP connection technology specialists also offer versatile proven wiring solutions for printed circuit boards. For instance, PBK-type PCB terminals with two to 24 poles feature a push-in connection design for time-saving and tool-free insertion of solid wires or fine wires with wire-end ferrules directly into the contact point. The space-saving relay coupler system Plug-Relay-Compact (PRC) fulfils any relay needs and can be mounted in narrow and limited-space locations due to its compact terminal block format, extreme robustness and high versatility. CONTA-CLIP also offers manufacturers of electric vehicle charging stations a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of IP66-rated KDS cable entry systems for assembled and unassembled conductors: the KDS-R series of modular feed-through systems for metric cutouts from M20 to M63 enable flexible, tool-free configuration for different cable or conduit diameters. Designed for particularly easy installation, it minimizes the effort involved in replacing cables for retrofits or servicing. As a customer-oriented company, CONTA-CLIP provides direct support, custom-tailored solutions and product adaptations on reque

    Datum: 31.08.2022

    Zeichen: 2102

    CONTA-CLIP provides a wide range of connection components for wallboxes and other charging stations for electric vehicles


    Innovative transformer terminals with push-in connection

    CONTA-CLIP expands its range of transformer terminals, adding the innovative PTKS 4 series with push-in connection. Thanks to the tool-free push-in system for connecting rigid wires or wires with end ferrules, the PTKS 4 series simplifies wiring considerably and minimizes the time required. The high contact force of the push-in spring ensures secure fixation of the wire ends even in the event of strong vibrations and mechanical shocks. For convenience, the transformer terminals are terminated from the top, via an integrated pusher that can be operated with light pressure and without any special tools. The terminals are available in 1- or 2-pole versions for 4-mm˛ wire cross sections. 2- or 3-pole insulated plug-in cross connectors allow for easy potential and power distribution between terminals. Due to their two-part structure of basic clamp and cover, PTKS 4 terminals are well suited for automated soldering processes. After soldering the coil wire, the cover can easily be pushed onto the clamp. The transformer terminal covers can be marked using standard SB 7.5 markers from CONTA-CLIP.

    Datum: 10.08.2022

    Zeichen: 1104

    Innovative concept: New PTKS 4 transformer terminal with push-in connection from CONTA-CLIP


    Slim GSM retrofit module for SMS fault messaging

    Many waterworks stations and agriculture applications use compact controllers for pump or ventilation systems, which are often installed in hard-to-reach or remote places. Inspection and maintenance is not feasible for these off-grid controllers and therefore can raise considerable personnel costs. For such scenarios, Germany-based connection technology specialist CONTA-CLIP now offers a particularly economical and easy-to-retrofit solution: the GSM-TMM modem converts all messages from the controller's fault output to text messages and automatically sends them to up to five recipients. The GSM-TMM module uses the mobile communications standards LTE-M or NB-IoT, ensuring cost-efficient and energy-saving operation. The compact device in a housing measuring only 40 mm x 65 mm x 110 mm is suitable for all controllers with a live interference output and is ready for use in just a few easy steps. For easy parameterization, the modem is connected via USB to a PC running at least Windows 10. During this process, the GSM-TMM does not require an extra power supply. Once a SIM card has been inserted, the modem and controller fault outputs can be powered via a 230 V AC, 12 V DC or 24 V AC/DC supply connected to the modem’s external screw terminals. The modem features a red/green LED on its front, which, through permanent or flashing lights, indicates operating states, text message dispatch, configuration errors and potential reception problems.

    Datum: 26.07.2022

    Zeichen: 1456

    CONTA-CLIP’s new GSM-TMM modem is designed for reliable and economical fault messaging via text in remote and hard-to-reach applications


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