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    Slim GSM retrofit module for SMS fault messaging

    Many waterworks stations and agriculture applications use compact controllers for pump or ventilation systems, which are often installed in hard-to-reach or remote places. Inspection and maintenance is not feasible for these off-grid controllers and therefore can raise considerable personnel costs. For such scenarios, Germany-based connection technology specialist CONTA-CLIP now offers a particularly economical and easy-to-retrofit solution: the GSM-TMM modem converts all messages from the controller's fault output to text messages and automatically sends them to up to five recipients. The GSM-TMM module uses the mobile communications standards LTE-M or NB-IoT, ensuring cost-efficient and energy-saving operation. The compact device in a housing measuring only 40 mm x 65 mm x 110 mm is suitable for all controllers with a live interference output and is ready for use in just a few easy steps. For easy parameterization, the modem is connected via USB to a PC running at least Windows 10. During this process, the GSM-TMM does not require an extra power supply. Once a SIM card has been inserted, the modem and controller fault outputs can be powered via a 230 V AC, 12 V DC or 24 V AC/DC supply connected to the modem’s external screw terminals. The modem features a red/green LED on its front, which, through permanent or flashing lights, indicates operating states, text message dispatch, configuration errors and potential reception problems.

    Datum: 25.05.2022

    Zeichen: 1456

    CONTA-CLIP’s new GSM-TMM modem is designed for reliable and economical fault messaging via text in remote and hard-to-reach applications


    Proven connection technology for electric vehicle charging stations

    The booming electric vehicle sector has created a huge surge in the demand for charging stations. As a result, the number of suppliers who need reliable connection technology for their products has multiplied within a few years. CONTA-CLIP supplies manufacturers of wallboxes and other charging stations with a large range of connection terminals for communication and power supplies, as well as relay modules and robust cable management systems. Solutions include, for example, the SRK terminal block series, which offers safe and quick screw connection for rigid and flexible wires with and without wire-end ferrules. HSKG-series high-current bolt terminals are used for the safe transmission of rated currents and voltages up to 520 A and 1000 V respectively. The latest generation of bolt terminals with threaded bolts in five sizes from M6 to M16 covers wire cross sections from 6 mm˛ to 300 mm˛. Based in Germany, CONTA-CLIP connection technology specialists also offer versatile proven wiring solutions for printed circuit boards. For instance, PBK-type PCB terminals with two to 24 poles feature a push-in connection design for time-saving and tool-free insertion of solid wires or fine wires with wire-end ferrules directly into the contact point. The space-saving relay coupler system Plug-Relay-Compact (PRC) fulfils any relay needs and can be mounted in narrow and limited-space locations due to its compact terminal block format, extreme robustness and high versatility. CONTA-CLIP also offers manufacturers of electric vehicle charging stations a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of IP66-rated KDS cable entry systems for assembled and unassembled conductors: the KDS-R series of modular feed-through systems for metric cutouts from M20 to M63 enable flexible, tool-free configuration for different cable or conduit diameters. Designed for particularly easy installation, it minimizes the effort involved in replacing cables for retrofits or servicing. As a customer-oriented company, CONTA-CLIP provides direct support, custom-tailored solutions and product adaptations on request.

    Datum: 25.05.2022

    Zeichen: 2102

    CONTA-CLIP provides a wide range of connection components for wallboxes and other charging stations for electric vehicles


    Push-in two-level terminal blocks: Compact, space-saving for 4-mm² wires

    CONTA-CLIP expands its range of PRK push-in terminal blocks, adding the space-saving two-tier PRKD 4 and PRKD 4/3A for 4-mm² wires. The unique and compact design of the PRKD 4/3A features three inputs on each level for applications with even higher packing densities. Like all PRK terminals, the two-level versions feature cross connection channels on each level for flexible potential distribution and 2.3-mm test taps for easy measurement of all potentials. Via push-in technology, users can very easily and quickly connect rigid wires and wires with end ferrules without tools. For a quick release of inserted wires, the terminals feature a pusher that requires only slight pressure and no special tools, yet provides high contact force through the spring. The housing for the orange pushers and the wire inlets have been clearly separated from each other so as to give users the correct conductor clamping insert points 100% of the time. CONTA-CLIP is continuously expanding the PRK range, which currently includes PRKD two-level terminal blocks for 2.5-mm² and 4-mm² wire cross sections in simple feed-through and PE terminals for two, three and four wires, in four nominal cross section ranges between 1.5 mm² and 6 mm².

    Datum: 24.05.2022

    Zeichen: 1226

    The PRKD 4 two-level terminal for 4-mm² wires and the PRKD 4/3A terminal with three wire entry points on each level allow for high packing density


    Jörg Nowastowski-Stock new managing director sales & marketing at CONTA-CLIP

    Jörg Nowastowski-Stock is the new managing director sales & marketing at CONTA-CLIP. He took over the post on 1 March, 2022, from his brother Holger Nowastowski who retires after more than 25 years of working for the German manufacturer. Before joining the executive board, Nowastowski-Stock headed the product management for the entire CONTA-CLIP range, which is centered around a comprehensive and fully harmonized terminal block range with all wire connection types and the innovative KDS series of cable management systems. In his new post, Nowastowski-Stock will continue overseeing product management and focus his considerable expertise on advancing the diversification in the terminal block range and further growing the cable management portfolio.

    Datum: 15.03.2022

    Zeichen: 756

    Jörg Nowastowski-Stock becomes the new managing director sales & marketing at CONTA-CLIP, replacing his brother Holger Nowastowski


    Tool-less round cable entries for cables with plugs

    Conta-Clip completes its KDS-R modular cable entry program for round metric breakouts from M20 to M63, adding small-diameter versions for cables and conduits with cross-sections from 2 mm to 35 mm. Cables with and without plugs can thus be quickly and safely fed into control cabinets or housings. The tool-less cable management system consists of a handful of modular components: a cable entry frame with an integrated gasket, a two-piece thread and locking adapter plus two-piece locknut to fix it in place, and sealing elements with a range of inlays. The cables are simply fed through the enclosure opening and cable entry frame. Slit, tapered, and finned sealing elements are then fitted around individual cables or conduits on the inside. The sealing elements are then pushed back to fit tight in the cable entry frame. I-, T-, and +-shaped inlays are available for M40 and larger openings, allowing for insertion of a variety of cable sealing elements as required. The cable entry frame as a whole is fixed in place by attaching a two-part thread and locking adapter to the frame on the outside of the enclosure and attaching a separable locknut on the inside. The special shape of the sealing elements ensures high IP66 ingress protection and strain relief working towards accordance with the DIN EN 62444 standard. The wide range of sealing elements for one or more cables of different shapes and diameters offers high flexibility in creating wiring solutions. The tool-less system minimizes the effort necessary to change existing connections. Unused entry positions in the frame can be sealed with blanking plugs, which can be easily removed at any time to allow additional cables to be inserted.

    Datum: 16.09.2021

    Zeichen: 1707

    The tool-less round cable entry system accommodates all kinds of cables and conduits, ensuring IP66 ingress protection


    Round cable entries for diameter combinations up to 22.5 mm

    CONTA-CLIP further expands its KES-E cable entry program for screwless mounting, adding metric 50 mm variants: the new KES-E-R cable entries allow for quick and secure feeding of cables into control cabinets or machine housings. The plates are simply manually pressed into the machined openings. The inner, elastic sealing lip of the profile seal bulges on the inside of the panel, ensuring secure and vibration-proof hold. In order to feed cables or hoses into a housing, users simply pierce the surface membrane at one of the marked center points and push the conduit through. The new KES-E-R cable entries are available in seven A and seven B versions for cables and pneumatic hoses with diameters from 1 mm to 22.5 mm. The A versions are suitable for wall thicknesses from 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm, the B versions for 2.5 mm to 4 mm. Different versions hold up to 35 cables or conduits, thus allowing for extraordinarily high packing densities. The cable entries provide IP54 protection against dust and splash water. They are made of TPE and are free of halogen and silicone. The material is suitable for ambient temperatures from -40 °C to 90 °C.

    Datum: 22.07.2021

    Zeichen: 1144

    The tight-fitting, easy-to-mount cable entries hold up to 35 cables or conduits of different diameters


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