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    Product development

    Trusting our own resources for research, development, design, manufacture, assembly and logistics.
    Our customers are only satisfied when they have been provided with the best solutions. In order to meet these demands, we unite resources that are custom fit for each other, powerful and reliable in
    their detail. The result is a well-positioned and professional family-run business. CONTA-CLIP shapes the value-added chain as efficiently as possible.

    Research and Development

    Our employees are connectivity specialists coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. They understand the specific problems, requirements and challenges of our customers. This ensures communication among equals.


    A discussion among experts is always the foundation for finding the way to success. Comprehensive consultation is one of our strengths – it enables us to provide custom-fit solutions from design to production.

    Tool design

    We develop and produce the tooling ourselves. We permit no compromise on quality in our selection of materials and processes.


    We invest our gains directly into maintaining a modern and efficient production process. This allows us to maintain the most modern machinery at our facilities.

    Assembly and Logistics

    We shape the value-added chain as efficiently as possible. Our production process is based on a process of permanent improvements and environmental sustainability. We work with materials that contain no hazardous substances and support regenerative heat recovery.

    You have the requirements, we develop the solutions in partnership with you!

    Develop your tailor-made solution together with our experts!

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