Pflitsch - Passion for the best solution.

    Passion for the best solution – is the slogan under which PFLITSCH acts successfully on the market and impresses customers worldwide with practical and safe product solutions in the field of industrial cable routing. The PFLITSCH brand, with its striking hexagon, has an international reputation for "Made in Germany" quality with products that are exclusively manufactured in Germany.

    A family-owned and managed company, PFLITSCH has more than just products like cable glandsand trunkingin focus, we also delight our customers with practical accessories, reliable design software, perfectly designed tools and machine tools as well as services ranging from individually packaged cable glands to ready-to-install trunking assemblies.

    Conta-Clip Inc. is the exclusive North American partner for Pflitsch.

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    Pflitsch Product Categories

    Pflitsch Cord Grips: Uni Dicht

    IP 69 ingress protection, strain relief, EMC-safe, ATEX-tested and much more.

    The extensive UNI Dicht system is synonymous in the industry with high-quality, application-specific cord grips. Users all over the world are impressed with their high ingress protection, operational reliability and durability, not to mention resistance to environmental effects and impacts. UNI Dicht meets all the current EU requirements for cable entries – for example, the new fire protection standard for railway engineering – as well as relevant international certifications such as UL and CSA.

    A UNI Dicht cable gland consists of the cord grip body and the appropriate sealing insert.



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    Pflitsch Cord Grips: Blueglobe

    The metric cord grip with superior performance.

    Larger sealing ranges, better seal, improved strain relief and a unique identification system. The spherical sealing insert made from specially modified TPE plastic centers the forces perfectly during tightening of the dome nut and presses over a large area of the inserted cable. This results in the high ingress protection rating of IP 68 (up to 15 bar) or IP 69K as well as pull-out forces of up to 100 % more than the requirement of EN 62444 class B, without cutting into or indenting the cable sleeve irreparably and hence compromising the seal.

    • Brass and stainless steel cable glands in sizes M8 to M85
    • Plastic cord grips in sizes M10 to M63
    • For cable diameters between 1.5 mm and 77 mm
    • Full identification marking system with the "globemarker"
    • Ex, EMC, hygienic and high temperature variants

    Because of their larger sealing ranges, comparatively fewer sizes of cord grips are generally required to reliably seal any given number of differently sized cables. Their sealing ranges can be further increased by taking out the removable inlets from the sealing inserts.

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    Splittable Cord Grip Gland Systems: UNI Split Gland

    PFLITSCH brought the first completely splittable plastic single cord grip to the market in the form of the UNI Split Gland. This product allows preassembled cable to be fed through a hole or the replacement of old or defective cable glands, without having to interfere with the existing cable installation or switch off the affected machine.

    • Split cable gland body, pressure screw and locknut in size M20, M25 and M32 for over 100 different sealing inserts
    • For cable cross sections of 2.0 mm to 20.5 mm
    • Ingress protection rating IP 67
    • Superior strain relief values to EN 62444 class A

    The UNI Split Gland is made of high-grade polycarbonate. The split or slit sealing inserts – in the multiple variant they also allow several cables to be fed through the cord grip – clearly demonstrate the advantages of these split cable glands. With preassembled cables, the complete hole diameter can be used, for example to feed plugs or sensors through.The ability to split the UNI Split Gland – pressure screw, cable gland body and counter nut – makes it possible to replace old or defective cord grips without problem, even while the plant remains running. The existing cable installation does not have to be disconnected or interrupted.

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    Pflitsch Cable Trunking: PIK-Trunking

    The standard for simple installations and tight spaces.

    PFLITSCH's PIK-Trunking is designed for routing small numbers of cables and is ideal for use where the available installation space is scarce. It is therefore the practical alternative in these situations. With greater sheet thickness and creased side walls, PIK retains its shape under load.

    • Strong construction in ten different sizes 
    • Protected and Deburred edges
    • Covers with equipotential bonding
    • Simple and fast installation

    Unlike ducted systems, PIK Trunking systems can be opened over their whole length to allow cables to be simply laid in them or cable installations modified later. Its cover is easy to clip on and remains securely in place even on vertical trunking and under vibrations.

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