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    Our product range: CONTA-CONNECT for terminal blocks and accessories, KDS cable management systems, CONTA-ELECTRONICS for electrical and electronic switchgear cabinet components, CONTA-LABEL for marking systems, CONTA-BOX for housings, and CONTA-CON for PCB terminal blocks and connectors. We design customer-specific solutions for electronics, provide completely assembled housings and assemblies as needed, assemble terminal blocks for series production, and quickly handle component labelling tasks.



    Marking components | Sub-catalogue 06

    Marking components for ink-based marking systems
    The CONTA-LABEL products provide polyamide markers for labelling conductors, cables, devices and facilities with ink print. These markers are available in many shapes and colours: in the classic MC Maxi-Card format for self-printing with the EMS plotter system EMS or other ink-jet systems, or ready-to-use customized printed in the PMC Pocket-Maxi-Card format.

    Sub-catalogue 06 (PDF)

    Inverted cable entries KDSI-SR

    The revolution in the field of cable entry! Fast. Safe. Easy as pie - from the outside to the wall! The KDSI-SR cable entry system offers maximum flexibility and time savings in terms of cable management on control cabinets, enclosures and machines, as well as secure sealing and strain relief for assembled and non-assembled cables - with and without connectors.

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    Elektrische und elektronische Schaltschrankkomponenten | Teilkatalog 09

    Electrical and electronic cabinet components.

    Our CONTA-ELECTRONICS products provide active and passive components for the transfer and conversion of analogue and digital signals at the coupling level. This product line includes power supplies, multi-function timing relays, coupling relays, digital switching modules, interface modules, opto-couplers, signal converters, GSM communication modules and much more.

    Sub-catalog 09 (PDF)

    Marking components | Sub-catalogue 05

    Marking components for thermal transfer marking systems.

    CONTA-CLIP provides the TTPCard thermal-transfer printer and a large selection of PC, PVC and PVCF markers or labels in card format: for professional, permanent labelling of terminals, devices, conductors, cables, facilities and switchgear

    Sub-catalogue 05 (PDF)

    KES-E-R cable entries

    Lots of cables in a small space.
    With the addition of the round M50 bushings KES-E-R in the KES-E cable entry system, many cables (without plugs) with different diameters can be inserted in a very small space. The cable entry is inserted into the opening without tools (wall thicknesses A from 1.5 mm - 2.5 mm or B from 2.5 - 4 mm). To insert the cables, the corresponding membrane (centering point is marked) is pierced and the cables are simply installed through. The material TPE ensures IP54 protection degree.

    Online catalog (KES-E-R)

    Cable entries KDS, Cable entries KES, Shielding solutions SAB|SSAB|SABK | Sub-catalogue 08

    KDS cable entries and KES cable entries enable unassembled and assembled cables and hoses to be passed through without tools and sealed according to IP66. The passage openings can be adjusted as required at any time. The SAB shield connection bracket range is used for reliable shield contact with conductor diameters of 3 mm to 35 mm.

    Sub-catalog 08 (PDF)

    PCB terminals and connectors | Sub-catalogue 10

    This catalogue presents our wide variety of CONTA-CON PCB terminal blocks and connector systems. The modular components can be configured for any required number of poles. They are available in the wire connection types: wire protection, eccentric, clamping yoke, and (for demanding operating conditions) with tension-spring or Push-in wire terminations. This product range is supplemented by the modular feed-through terminals of the SDK series

    Sub-catalog 10 (PDF)

    Installation materials | Sub-catalogue 04

    Installation materials + extended accessories for terminal blocks. The range of installation materials includes, among others Wiring ducts and the tools required for assembly, cable glands with metric or PG threads, mounting rails and mounting rail holders, as well as profile cutting and punching devices. The terminal block accessories offer end supports, wire end sleeves and connectors in various designs.

    Sub-catalog 04 (PDF)

    Blind plates KDS-BP

    The KDS-BP blank plates offer an easy way to safely close existing cut-outs from the KDS or KES system. The version, made of glass fibre reinforced PA 6.6 material offers a high impact resistance. The moulded-in gasket  made of TPE ensures a reliable seal conform IP66.

    Online catalog (KDS-BP)

    Screw connection system + Special terminals | Sub-catalog 02

    Terminal blocks with screw connections and special terminalsEverything for classic wiring with screw connection systems (also for high cur-rents): SRK feed-through and PE terminals, RK high-temperature variants, TK transformer terminals, HSK high-power stud terminals, SVB series screw distributor blocks, and the modular feed-through terminal systems from the SDK series.

    Catalog 02 (PDF)