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    KDS Cable Management Systems

    The KDS and KES cable entries and SAB|SSAB|SABK shielding solutions enable a tool-free, IP66-sealed feed-through for unassembled and assembled cables and hoses. The feed-through openings can be adapted at any time to meet your requirements. The SAB shield-connection clips can be used to provide a reliable shield contact with conductor diameters from 3 mm to 35 mm.

    Inverted cable entries KDSI-SR

    The revolution in the field of cable entry! Fast. Safe. Easy as pie - from the outside to the wall! The KDSI-SR cable entry system offers maximum flexibility and time savings in terms of cable management on control cabinets, enclosures and machines, as well as secure sealing and strain relief for assembled and non-assembled cables - with and without connectors.


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    KDS-R Round cable entries

    For metric break-outs from M20 to M63, CONTA-CLIP has added round cable entries for cables with or without attached plugs to its portfolio. In case of maintenance or retrofitting with assembled cable harnesses, cables with diameters from 2 to 35 mm can be quickly and safely inserted into the switchgear cabinets or housings. Sealed according to IP66. The modular system ensures quick and easy assembly in three steps. A reliable seal and absolute secure fit is also provided by the slitted, tapered seals with a wave-cut profile, which, after the cables are routed through the cable entry, are placed around the cables and then pressed into the round cable entry. After that, the separable thread and locking adapter is easily screwed together with the round frame outside the switchgear cabinet. The separable locknuts that are mounted on the inside of the locking elements ensure safe and secure attachment.

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    KDS-FP flange plate

    The new KDS-FP flange plate provides manufacturers of machines with a very cost-effective, convenient feed-through solution. It can be used to adapt housings and switchgear cabinets to fit your updated requirements at any time, and can also considerably simplify your warehousing. You no longer have to stock switchgear cabinets or distributors with different configurations of assembled cable and cable outlets. Instead, you can uniformly prepare your products with the flange plate and then adapt them at any time to your specific cabling or tubing requirements.

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    Kabeldurchführung mit Flanschplatte

    KDS-SR Screw frame

    Revolutionary cable entry systems


    Fast. Safe. Turning cables inside out! The KDSClick cable entry system is a cable management solution for switchgear cabinets, housings and machines that features secure seals and strain relief for pre-assembled and non-assembled cables – with or without connectors. KDSClick saves you time and provides you with maximum versatility. 

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    KDS-FB Cable entry system for flat cables

    The KDS-FB cable entry system for flat cables provides you with outstanding versatility and saves you time while managing cables, especially for industrial trucks, crane systems and elevator applications. The "fish skin" on the seals mechanically surround the inserted flat cable; they ensure optimum tolerance compensation and IP66 protection.

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    Kabeldurchführung für Flachleitungen

    KES cable entries

    When feeding in non-assembled cables, lines and pneumatic hoses (without connected plugs), CONTA-CLIP has a wide range of products that offer alternatives to cable glands or single-membrane feed-throughs.

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    KDS-KV Separable cable glands

    For metric break-outs from M20 to M63, CONTA-CLIP provides separable cable glands for cables with or without attached plugs. In case of maintenance or retrofitting with assembled cable harnesses, cables with diameters from 2 to 35 mm can be quickly and safely inserted into the switchgear cabinets or housings and sealed according to IP66. This separable system ensures quick and simple installation. The slitted seal has a wave-cut profile that ensures a reliable seal and a totally secure attachment. The seal is first  placed around the cable and then inserted in one of the two halves of the cable gland. After inserting the seals, the two halves of the cable gland are simply snapped together. A  locknut (which can also be separated) on the inside of the cabinet  

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    SAB Shield-connection clip

    In the field of industrial process engineering, a high degree of interference immunity is required of electrical equipment. This is a critical factor affecting the availability of industrial measurement and control systems.

    When constructing low-interference systems, both the cable shielding and the shielded ground are very important. The juncture where the cable shielding connects to the housing ground is a critical point. The connection should be low-ohm and should also feature minimal inductive resistance.

    You should be certain that this connection can be established in a practical, simple and quick manner. CONTA-CLIP's SAB/SSAB shielding systems are one of the most comprehensive product portfolios on the market. They offer a perfect solution for any application.

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