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    WISKA products are used all over the world and are characterized by the possibility of being used in different industries, offering high quality standards. Every day and in all circumstances, WISKA products demonstrate their efficiency, even in the most adverse conditions.
    To provide the highest quality, WISKA independently controls every process in the entire supply chain. Research, development, selection and purchase of materials, construction and production, laboratory testing and testing methods, sales, marketing, logistics, after-sales service - the rigorous quality management provides a global check.

    Conta-Clip Inc. is WISKA's exclusive partner for the US.

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    Wiska Product Categories

    Cord Grips Wiska

    The modular SPRINTĀ® cable gland system from WISKA includes components made of polyamide, brass and stainless steel. Different variations of cap nuts and fittings can be combined with a wide range of sealing inserts. By this, SPRINTĀ® cable glands, besides standard applications, also meet with special requirements such as low temperatures, EMC, pressure equalization, or explosion-proof safely with IP 68/69K.

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    Wiska Venting

    Wiska venting glands and plugs for your enclosure pressure equalization needs.

    Condensation forms in well-sealed housings when there is a pressure difference along with a temperature change causing condensation to build on the inside of the enclosure. Wiska venting glands and plugs allow for the equalisation of pressure to prevent the condensation build up inside the enclosure. Wiska offers the venting product in a gland or plug form with two flow rates to fit your enclosure needs. Venting product is most well used in enclosures with electronics that generate higher amounts of heat which is prone to condensation with outside temperature changes. Wiska venting glands allow for strain relief and IP protection on a cable entering the eclosure as well as pressure equalisation preventing water and dust ingress as well as the condensation build up.

    VentGLANDĀ® cable glands and VentPLUG pressure equalisation units are nowadays being used around the world, especially in sectors that are moisture and temperature sensitive such as shipping, and the lighting and solar industries.


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    Wiska Combi Box

    Save time on your electrical installation using COMBI junction boxes.

    Combi boxes are designed with a membrane over the entries which allow for cable routing with minimal tools. The plastic construction is rust proof and captive cover screws eliminate the need for additional hardware. All this in a package that is minimum IP66 rated. Certain Combi sizes are also threaded allowing for the use of a cable gland which will achieve an IP67 rating and removal of the membrane entry is as simple as just installing the cable gland to the threaded hole.



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