In addition to our ONLINE product catalog we provide you with our product portfolio in ten clearly structured sub-catalogs.
    In this area you will also find the catalogs of our partners Pflitsch and WISKA.
    You can download these in addition to product overviews and supplementary product information and data sheets as a PDF file.
    You will also find operating and installation instructions as well as software for our products to download here.
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    Catalog Cord Grips

    Cable management solutions for the chemical-, oil- and gas industries

    Cable management solutions for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries

    Cable management solutions for machine building and automation

    KDSClick Application Guide

    Catalogue 01 CONTA-CONNECT Push-in

    Catalogue 02 CONTA-CONNECT Screw connection

    Catalogue 03 CONTA-CONNECT Tension-spring connection

    Catalogue 04 CONTA-CONNECT Installation materials and other accessories for terminal blocks

    Catalogue 05 Conta-LABEL Marking components for thermal-transfer marking systems

    Catalogue 06 Conta-LABEL Marking components for ink based marking systems

    Catalogue 07 CONTA-BOX Housings

    Catalogue 08 CONTA-CABLE Cable Management Systems EN

    Catalogue 01 Terminal blocks with push-in connection system IT

    Catalogue 08 CONTA-CABLE Cable Management Systems ES

    Catalogue 08 CONTA-CABLE Cable Management Systems FR

    Catalogue 09 Electrical and electronic cabinet components

    Catalogue 10 CONTA-CON PCB terminals and connectors

    Product information CONTA-CABLE Round cable entries KDS-R

    Product information CONTA-CABLE Inverted cable entries KDSI-SR

    Product Information CONTA-ELECTRONICS GSM-PRO2 2G / 3G / 4G Remote Control Solution

    Product Information CONTA-ELECTRONICS GSM-PRO


    Product Information Transformer Terminals

    Product information CONTA-ELECTRONICS WEBEASY

    Productinforamtion TTPCardMax EN